5 Ways Technology Can Help You Travel With Pets 

If you have pets and love hiking, backpacking, road-tripping, or any form of travel, you already know that traveling with them can be a hassle. Coordinating trips for yourself and your furry friends is more complicated than going alone. Accounting for the needs of another living creature takes up brain space. You also want your buddy to be as comfortable and calm as possible. How can technology help ease the stress of traveling with animals? Here are five ways technology can help with pet travel.

Portable Power Stations 

Say you like to backpack to secluded areas and stay for days at a time. You’d want some of the conveniences you have at home out in the woods, right? Maybe your pet is susceptible to heat or cold. You can pack a small fan or personal heater and easily power it up with a portable power station! Say you have an automatic feeder for them at home, and you want to stay bougie in the woods: you can hook it up to the power station! You can easily give your pet the comforts of home while you both enjoy the great outdoors.

Flying Safe

Some airlines have taken to offering a revamped carrier to transport animals on airplanes: these “care pods” come equipped with GPS tracking, a food tray, a hydration station, and peak holes for your pet to look out of so they don’t feel alone. These pods give you peace of mind that your animal will be better taken care of and will make the traveling experience less chaotic for your pet. These pods can even wirelessly share their location via an app on your phone, so you can get constant updates on how your travel companion is doing.

There are also apps in the works that, once released, will communicate with sensors attached to your pet’s carrier so you can track the conditions your pet is traveling in, think temperature, lighting, etc. With this kind of app, you can always ensure that your pet is getting the best treatment during travel.

Chip Your Pets

Before you plan to go anywhere with your pet, you should strongly consider getting your pet microchipped. This is a tiny device that is embedded in the skin of your animal that can be scanned at a vet or shelter if your pet is found and taken to either of these places. It will tell whoever has recovered your pet your name and address so they can contact you and return your pet! This is a must for frequent travelers who take their animals everywhere, as the risk of them getting lost is higher.

Making Home Comfortable

If you have animals that don’t require much attention (cats, reptiles) and it’s easier for you to leave them home while you travel, you can hook up automatic feeders that follow a meal schedule.  You can also hook up a pet camera to check in from time to time. You can even set up automatic litter boxes for cats that will sift the litter while you’re gone! That way, you’re just picking up right where you left off when you come home.

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