5 Types of Reusable Bags Perfect for Your Customers

In today’s rapidly changing world, it can be quite difficult to get the attention of new customers. Your customers’ lives are busy and their time is a valuable commodity. That’s why traditional advertising isn’t really working anymore. It’s a big problem and makes marketing all the more challenging every day. A solid method for driving additional business your way is using custom and reusable items as promotional tools. Whether you give them away, sell them, or simply make them available to your guests, reusable bags can make a positive impression on your customer base. In this article, we will explore five types of bags that are perfect for your customers.


Canvas bags are what one might call “the gold standard” of reusable tote bags. They’re multifaceted. They’re durable. They can be made from sustainable materials. That alone makes them a worthwhile gift or purchase for anyone endeavoring to protect the environment as much as possible. Canvas bags are perfect for screen printing. By adding a logo and business information your printed custom bags, you can essentially advertise your brand to people who may or may not already patronize your business. This can boost your foot traffic a little bit and help drive more sales. It’s an effective marketing strategy that’s been used for a long time in various industries, so applying it to reusable bags is a prudent marketing decision.


Non Woven bags are a distinct style compared to the rest of the tote bags on this list. Non Woven bags are simply made from a specially engineered fabric that does not involve weaving. Instead, fabric is bonded together with heat, glue, or other processes. They’re durable, strong, and long lasting. The perks of a nonwoven bag are varied and they look good. They are incredibly customizable, whether it’s offering an array of different colors or adding your logo / business name to the bag. They’re also more environmentally friendly than some other types of reusable bags. They can come in many sizes and are quite inexpensive to purchase in bulk, making them a fantastic solution to providing reusable bags to your customers.

Water Resistant

When you’re looking for a non-woven bag to use for customizing messages for your customers or business, you might want to go the extra mile and go with something water resistant. Water resistant bag is ideal for a trip to the beach or for those days when customers might be using them in the rain or other wet weather. A water resistant bag can even contain a lot of text, usually eight or nine lines worth. They also might have pockets or extra compartments available to give customers a little bit of extra storage. They’re also available in a staggering range of colors and are made from and water-resistant polypropylene. They make excellent gifts and are something your customers will likely appreciate all year round.


Another unique type of reusable bag is the antimicrobial bag. These types of bags feature a type of antimicrobial inhibitor in the manufacturing process of the bag. This prevents bacteria growth and build up so you can use the bag as often as possible without worrying about those pesky critters damaging your food or health. Customers will love antimicrobial bags, especially since the world just emerged from a long-term pandemic. Although they are a relatively new technology, they are taking off in popularity and can feature the same type of customization as any other reasonable bag while maintaining their environmentally friendly nature. Consider handing them out at your next trade show to advertise a new class of bags that you’re going to carry in your store. You might want to also integrate them as part of your customer loyalty program, offer them through a social media contest, do an in-person contest at your store, or find plenty of other unique methods of letting your customers know that you offer such cutting edge bags at your business.


Mesh is a truly unique material. It’s a blend of cotton or other materials that has spaces between the materials used in its design. It’s a popular choice for clothing and can work well as reusable bag material. Offering mesh bags with your logo on them is a good way to remind customers that you value the environment and their continued business. Choosing mesh over plastic is great for the environment simply because it degrades faster. In order for them to be more environmentally friendly, they need to be used properly by your customers. Using them correctly means using them when customers shop at a store, when they transport cables or other items, or as storage receptacles in their home. It’s entirely possible customers will accumulate quite a few, as many stores give them out promotionally or for free with purchases. That underscores the need to reuse them, so you should encourage such things by offering discounts or other amenities for bringing the bag back to your business regularly. Get detailed information about the importance of eco-friendly bags, on this website: https://offergreat.net

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