5 top brands for women watches

Mostly men are seen buying expensive watches that get all the eyes of surrounding people. Many renowned companies dealing with the production of stylish watches creates an urge among people to buy and wear them on their wrists. Not only men but women are also attracted and his great interest in such product gave rise to a number of brands for women watches. Currently thousands of companies are endorsing watches of men and women with prominent new designs and ship them globally.

  • Modifications in watches:

There are many international companies that which sells the most innovative and stylish watches all over the world. You can observe an ancient touch in their watches mixed up with new designs. They merge the designs via using modern manufacturing methodologies, which is indeed their basic way of promoting new artistry. IWC too is most popular brand providing a vast collection pilot watches with basic features relating to chronometer. It is a great blessing for pilots as it helps them to figure out all the calculations related to their flights.

  • Women and luxury shopping!

Women are fond of buying luxury watches as they consider it a kind of jewelry they should have. Considering this point many companies are now investing and working on market of women luxury goods and watches comes on the top of the priority list near every marketer. Women buy things in a different manner as compared to men. They buy apparels, cosmetics, jewelry by thinking on it for a good long time. But what kind of watches they want to buy is a bit tricky question to answer as in many regions of world a complete shift of interest in watches is observed. For example in china women prefer other designed luxury watches over sports watches, which has forced the Chinese market to make luxury watches with new designs.

  • Best watches to buy:

Many of the International brands provides a variety of watches, from hidden face watch to the pearl studded watches. Some luxury watches includes filling of diamond pieces, the glittering shine of which gains all the attention of a women’s eye.

  • Autonomic watches:

Portofino 33mm is an autonomic watch by a very popular brand. Its pink colored strap gives a girlish touch to the classic watch. The main coverings of the circular portion are of pure silver plates and between it about twenty two carat of diamond pieces are fitted which gives it an eye catching look.

  • Piagets Diamond watch:

Piagets’ Possession watch has a rose gold surface around which about 1.56 carat of diamond pieces are fixed. The main pink colored surface has blue unique straps because of which it is also called as rose gold alligator watch. It gives a classical touch mixed with modern design which makes it a masterpiece which women can use both as a piece of jewelry or as a timepiece. The straps comes in various colors and are interchangeable as they are not permanently attached with watch. This allows you to choose the kind of strap you want to wear with the watch which makes it a perfect jewelry piece.


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