5 Tips To Help Your Tech Last Longer

Keeping your tech going for as long as possible saves you time and money. Not to mention, it reduces your impact on the planet. Say goodbye to slow laptops and glitchy phones, and get your tech to last longer with these five great tips!

1. Cases

Cases are a must to keep your beloved tech working as long as possible.

Whether it’s a camera bag, a laptop cover, or an iPhone 13 case, you must get a case to protect it from accidental damage. Dropping it on the floor or getting it wet in the rain can be a mistake that costs you thousands. In preserving tech from damage, you’re less likely to break your device and need to repair it or abandon it altogether.

2. Keep Out of the Heat

Have you ever noticed picking up your phone and thinking, “this is hot?” Phones and handheld devices are capable of overheating and no longer work if you’re not careful.

It can be hard to keep technology like phones or Kindles out of the sun and the heat when summer comes around. However, technology works better in cool conditions. If it overheats, your device could experience minor glitches to full-blown malfunctions.

Should your device get too hot and break, it won’t just be a costly and annoying repair. The danger of e-waste is evergrowing, so don’t let your phone be one of the millions of electrical devices cluttering landfills.

3. Charge It Right

Typically phone batteries last less than a day, so make sure you’re charging your devices correctly! Incorrect use could drain the battery or make it explode. To keep your phone battery life longer, maintain the battery’s charge above 50%.

You might think that allowing the phone to die and then fully recharge is the best method, but gentle top-ups throughout the day will prove better.

4. Give Them a Clean

Few people talk about the importance of keeping devices clean, but should they gather dust, this can cause overheating, slow down your device, and shorten its lifespan.

When cleaning mobiles:

  • Clean out crumbs or dust from inside the ports. Use a flashlight and sewing needle to remove debris from ports and inputs.

For cleaning computers:

  • Open the case of your laptop to reveal the fans. With a small vacuum, clean up the dust and debris.

With frequent cleaning, you’ll prevent your devices from slowing you down!

5. Out With the Old (Data)

The simple fact is the more device storage you use, the slower your device will be. At least once a year, you should have a decluttering day. Remove apps you don’t use and photos you don’t need, like accidental selfies and screenshots.

To declutter your laptop quickly, open a folder and filter the files based on when you last opened or edited them. If you haven’t opened them in a while, you’ll likely no longer need them to take up space.

Final Thoughts

You can get your tech to last longer if you protect your devices, charge them, and clean them. Once you’re in the new habits, it’ll be hard to return!

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