5 Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Home For The Fall


Every season comes with its own charm and that charm lies in the changes we have to make. As we are witnessing cooler temperatures and falling leaves, it’s time to say goodbye to the summer season and welcome fall. Fall is undeniably one of the best seasons of the year as it’s that time when pumpkin and apple snacks are the talk of the town and color-changing leaves are falling all around. There’s something special and extraordinary about the aura this season comes with.

If you truly want to enjoy the fall season and make the best out of it then you should start preparing for it right away. Especially if you live in a colder climate, it would be difficult for you to cope with the sudden change of temperature if you aren’t prepared. Moreover, making timely changes to your house will save you from aggravation and costly repairs in the long run.

Here are 5 essential tips to prepare your house for fall;

1-Trimming the trees

One of the most important things you need to do is to check your trees. If there are any poor or dead leaves, you better trim them off on time or else they can damage your property later when it snows. During the winter season, when the snow hits those dead leaves or poor stems, the weight can bring down the entire tree and it can damage your land.

2-Check for drafts

Get your weatherstripping updated by a handyman in NYC. It’s important to check the drafts before the arrival of the fall because first of all, it can lead to heat loss which will make your house really cold. Secondly, the loss of heat through windows means that you’ll have to pay more for your heating energy use. To check if there’s a draft issue, just close a window or a door on a strip of paper. If the paper easily slides then you need to get the weatherstripping fixed right away.

3-Put your outdoor furniture inside

Your outdoor setup probably cost you a lot. All those chairs, the tables and the rest of the furniture will be damaged if you leave it outside when the weather is changing. Especially before the winter season, you should put all furniture inside or put it in your garage (somewhere where it’s safe from the extremity of the weather). In case you are short on space, you can get waterproof furniture cover to protect the entire setup.

4-Change the filters

One of the biggest concerns for people during winters is their increased heating bills. Do you want to cut down on those bills and save energy? All you have to do is to clean your filters and ensure that they aren’t clogged. When the filters are clogged, your heating system will consume more energy to maintain the temperature of your house. In fact, not just before fall but you should clean your filters every month to cut down on your electricity bills. The foam filters are supposed to be vacuumed as they cannot be replaced. On the other hand, the disposable ones should be vacuumed once before you replace them.

5-Fertilizing the lawn

Winter damage is real especially when it comes to your lawn. Where you are thinking about protecting your outdoor furniture, it’s important to consider your lawn too. When the grass isn’t growing, the roots are still active so you should apply some fertilizer to them to keep them safe. This way you’ll have a fresh and green lawn by the spring season.

These are some of the most important things you need to consider before the fall. Taking timely measures and maintaining your house is worthwhile. Especially before the fall and winter season arrives, you should start the preparations to protect the interior and exterior of your house. This investment of time and effort will pay off later.

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