5 Things You Need To Do After a Dog Bite

It can be both frightening and dangerous to be bitten by a dog. If you do not handle a dog bite properly, it can seriously harm your health. It can result in tetanus infections, endocarditis, heart disease, rabies, and so much more.

Nothing can adequately prepare you for a dog attack. However, knowing what to do immediately after a dog bite will aid you in taking care of your well-being and health and any potential legal claims resulting from your attack. If you want to go ahead with a dog bite lawsuit, a dog bite attorney can provide legal advice on how you should go about it.

Here are a few things that you should do after a dog bite.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Some people who have been bitten by a dog think their injuries are not that severe. However, nobody can be certain that the dog is free of rabies. Additionally, bacteria that cause dangerous illnesses that can spread to other body regions may be present in a dog’s mouth. Even small dogs can be a danger, especially to children.

When a person seeks treatment, medical personnel can assist in closing and disinfecting a bite wound. Going to the emergency room right away after a dog bite can also help establish a link between the injury and the dog bite and provide crucial evidence to back up your claim.

Report the Incident

Some people could be so terrified after being bitten by a dog that they forget to call animal control or the police. Occasionally, the owner of the dog will beg the victim not to call animal control or the police, and will guarantee to cover all medical costs, only to back out later.

Notifying the authorities enables thorough documentation of the situation. Moreover, statutory damages for dog bites are covered by law in several jurisdictions. An investigation might be carried out to determine liability in the matter once the authorities have been alerted.

Take Pictures of Your Wounds

A dog bite wound may have healed by the time it is presented to a jury. Then, it might be challenging for people to comprehend the scope of the harm based solely on medical records.

Pictures of the dog bite wounds can help the court comprehend how severe the bite was and the amount of agony it would have caused. Pictures of the injury at its beginning and after it has healed can help the court or insurance adjuster understand how long the damage took to recover.

Don’t Discuss It With Anyone

Do not broach the subject of the incident with the dog’s owner. Do not consent to be filmed or interviewed by the owner of the dog’s insurance company. Insurance adjusters are adept at getting information from claimants that they try to use against them. Insurance adjusters may claim that they require a witness statement only to use it later as a piece of evidence to support a denial.

Get a Qualified Legal Representative

Several dog-bite victims try to resolve their disputes on their own without the help of a lawyer. This is a mistake. Insurance firms are skilled at settling claims for far less than they’re worth or avoiding paying claims altogether. While dealing with skilled negotiators employed by insurance companies, those without legal representation lack sufficient aid. They can think a proposed settlement is reasonable but fail to consider the entire scope of their losses.

When choosing legal representation, it’s crucial to speak with a lawyer who has experience in dog bite injury cases. They can manage communication with the insurance provider and argue for a reasonable payment. They will also represent you in court if the insurance firm does not offer a reasonable settlement offer.


Take the crucial steps mentioned above if you or your family member has been harmed by a dog bite or other animal attack. Don’t forget to get in touch with skilled attorneys who can offer effective legal guidance and representation.

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