5 things you can do with friends and not get bored!

Friends can make your life easy. They negate all the problems from your life and fill happiness. Here is a list of a few things that you can do with your friends. These are mostly fun activities. When you club them with your friends, they will be funnier. If you have some hours in your hand and a list of things to be done, call your friends and try doing these lame things with them. With your friends, the lamest things will look attractive and enjoyable. Go through the list and make sure you check out some of them.


You must need to use your hard earned money properly. Travelling is the best way of utilising your money. Travelling opens your eyes and soothes your soul. You can trek somewhere. Trekking with friends is a wonderful choice. You don’t feel tired as you are going to enjoy the session, chit chatting and laughing. If you have some special travelling plans in your bucket list, try to fulfil those with your close buddies. You are certainly going to remember the trip for the rest of your life.


Cooking is always a stressbuster. If you want to make your cooking sessions much more enjoyable, you have to call your friends in. Take a recipe and arrange all the ingredients. Try cooking a tough dish. Your friends will crack jokes and your whole cooking session will be a lot more fun. So, try having such sessions with them. If you are afraid of trying new cooking techniques, this is the best time to do so. Give it a try and you can enjoy the whole session a lot.

DIY session

You people may have discussed a lot of DIYs lately. Plan a DIY session with your friends. Arrange everything previously. You can take ideas from social media profiles such as pinterest, youtube etc. Now try designing the thing on your own. Making something from scratch gives you immense happiness. If you do that with your friends, your happiness will be doubled. You get to make something from scratch and at the same time you can enjoy the session with your friends as well.

Movie night

Having a movie night of your own would be a nice idea. You may have some common interests. Try to collect those movies and binge watch them. These days, lots of web series are releasing on different platforms. You may have discussed some of the best shows with your friends. This is the time you watched those together. HBO is a great channel to watch the best of Hollywood movies. Ask your friends to come over. Order some food that all of you like. You can make some dips and other stuff at home if you wish. Now, enjoy the time watching the series and gossiping with your friends.

House party

If any of your friends have a small garden in their house; this is a superb plan. You can have a bonfire there. Do you have a barbeque griller? If not, ask your friends to arrange one. Have a barbeque cooking session. At the same time, you can manage some music. Chit Chat with your friends and gossiping is the heart of such sessions. Make sure to take selfies and pictures; just to make the moments remembered. Arrange some drinks of your choice. It can become a bonfire with barbeque and a potluck session as well! The choice is yours!

End note: Besides all of these, you can do a lot more. With friends, you can enjoy each and every session. You can start learning anything. You can take up crash courses with them, go travelling, go fishing, can have self pampering sessions, a game night, watch some sports, have a brisk walk, go gymming and what not! Spending time with your buddies will give you pleasure. So, arrange such sessions more often.

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