5 Things To See and Do While Touring Victoria

Every year local and overseas tourists explore Australia. It’s such a vast land of many contrasts, from the desolate, yet beautiful outback, to its lush rainforests, coastlines, and exciting cities.

One of the most popular destinations for visitors is Victoria, and a really great thing about this southern state is that it’s not that big. This means you can get to see a lot of it in a fairly short space of time.Victoria has everything a tourist could ever need and some. Offering exciting recreational sporting activities like fishing and game hunting, allowed with little restrictions, tourists are advised to try to spot shotgun carrying, AK 47 brandishing game hunters drive pass at a Park during the open season instead of worrying about the gunshots they hear.

Let’s tick off just a few things to see and do when in Victoria.

#1 – Visit the Bendigo Art Gallery

When people think of checking out some fine art in Victoria, they would generally visit the Art Centre Melbourne. However, the state’s capital is not the only location in Victoria to host some incredible works of art.

Bendigo Art Gallery, located in the town of Bendigo just 2 hour’s drive north of Melbourne, has been displaying fine local art since way back in 1887 when it first opened its doors. In fact, this gallery is considered to be one of Australia’s most impressive collections of art.

There is an eclectic blend of both modern and historic art for visitors to feast their eyes upon, featuring Australian and European art from the 19th century as well as new pieces.

Bendigo is a place with loads of history, so apart from visiting the gallery, the town itself is well worth exploring.

#2 – November In Melbourne Is Party Time

Melbourne is renowned for hosting major events and having massive parties, and there’s no bigger party in the city than during the first week of November.

Melbourne plays host to the 2019 Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November. The Cup is Australia’s most famous horse race, attracting visitors and entrants from all across the globe. The event is not just about horse racing alone, as Melbourne puts on a feast of food, drinks, and parties for an entire week.

The city really is buzzing come Melbourne Cup time, so it’s definitely the place to be at the start of November.

#3 – Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary

While other zoos around Australia feature many exotic animals from all across the world, the Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary, located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, is different in the sense that the focus is on getting up close and personal with Australia’s indigenous wildlife.

Here you’ll encounter all the favourites, such as:

  • Kangaroos
  • Koalas
  • Wallabies
  • Tasmanian Devils
  • Squirrel Gliders
  • Quolls
  • And many more…

If you’re visiting from other parts of Australia or overseas, Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to be to experience the country’s unique wildlife in close proximity.

#4 – Ned Kelly Museum

Located in Glenrowan, a few hour’s drive north-east of Melbourne, learn more about Australia’s troubled history at the Ned Kelly Museum.

If you don’t know who Ned Kelly was, he was the country’s most infamous bushranger, but a man who was also hailed as a hero for his spirit and fight for freedom from oppression.

His final standoff with authorities took place in Glenrowan, so to commemorate this piece of history, the Ned Kelly Museum was established as a tourist attraction.

Everything you’ll ever want to know about the life and times of Ned Kelly and his gang can be found at the museum. There is even a quaint little cottage that replicates the Kelly Homestead, containing authentic items donated to the museum by the Kelly family.

While modern-day Australia is a thriving metropolis, it was a totally different story back in the 1800s. Most Australians had very little money and could barely scrape by to survive. A part of Ned Kelly’s heritage was to help change that predicament.

#5 – Take a Paddlesteamer Down the Murray River

The great Murray River practically divides Victoria and New South Wales. It’s Australia’s longest river and a river that plays a huge role in the area’s ecosystem.

One of the great ways to travel the river and take in the countryside is by paddle steamer. These iconic boats run regular tours up and down the Murray River, and it really is an adventure that every visitor to the region should try and experience.

Along the way, you can stop off at riverside town, go on bushwalks, or even visit some of the best wineries in the world.

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