5 Things To Bring On A Family Ski Trip To Stay Healthy

A family ski trip during winter is a great way to bring adventure and fun into your lives. It’s important to be ready for anything when you travel during the winter to a ski resort, including potential illness. Before heading out on a ski vacation with your family, make sure you pack these essential supplies so everyone has a good time and stays healthy and safe.

Pick a Family-Friendly Ski Resort

If you want to have a great, memorable family ski vacation, choose a resort that meets the needs of everyone in the family. Preview the mountain and ski resort trails to make sure the resort has ski and snowboard options that match your family’s ability and comfort levels. Additionally, make sure the accommodations feature family-friendly amenities, such as an indoor pool, game rooms, restaurants and easy access to the slopes.


Make sure you put plenty of sunscreen in your suitcases for your family ski trip. The first thing you should put in your packed items is protective sunscreen. The sun’s rays may reflect from the snow and be more powerful and damaging to your family’s skin. Make sure everyone in the family reapplies throughout the day.


Another essential for winter weather comfort and health is a humidifier. The dry winter air may be causing problems such as dry skin, post-nasal drip and throat irritation. One way to fight against dryness is to add moisture to the air. If you bring a cool mist humidifier, you can set it up in your resort while you sleep to feel more refreshed and moisturized in the morning.

Cold & Cough Medicine

At some point, someone in the family may get a cold or develop a cough on a winter vacation. Be ready with some Wellements children’s cough syrup and adult cold medicine packed in your suitcase. You can help treat coughs and cold symptoms so family members aren’t bothered by coughs and runny noses on the slopes.

Daily Multivitamins

Don’t forget to also stock up on vitamins for your family during the trip. Babies do best with Wellements organic Vitamin D drops. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to help strengthen the immune system and fight infections. It’s also important to get enough Wellements Vitamin C during the winter to keep your skin and the cells of the body functioning properly.

Adequate Layers

The last item you need in your suitcases for a family ski vacation is a set of adequate layers for each person. Everyone should start with a warm base layer that keeps moisture away. Additionally, make sure everyone has proper footwear, goggles, gloves and a hat to keep them comfy and cozy.

Have Fun and Stay Safe

Once you get to the resort area, families should make a plan to ski safely. Helmets should always be worn, even by the most experienced ski and snowboard riders.

You and your family can bond in the snow this year with a fun winter ski trip. Prioritize your health and comfort by packing these necessities and ensure your trip doesn’t encounter any mishaps.

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