5 Telltale Signs Of Drug Addiction

The moment drug addiction is mentioned, the first thing that most people think about is the abuse of illegal drugs. But did you know that medical drugs such as pain killers can also be addictive? Thought you should know. Addiction is termed as a chronic brain disease that makes you feel and think that you cannot live without taking the drugs. And the moment the brain is tuned like that, it makes you believe that you need the drug to feel better, relieve the pain, or feel the high effect.

Drug addiction takes time to kick in, and sadly, most addicts do not realize until it’s too late. The good news, however, is that it is possible to get out of drug addiction by getting medication assisted treatment as well as support from close friends and family member. In this article, we will enlighten you on some of the signs of drug addiction:

  1. Over dependency on the drug

One of the telltale signs of drug addiction is overdependence on the drugs. If you find ever find yourself not being able to do without the drug, then that for sure is an addiction. For instance, most patients who are from medical surgery get the opioids prescription from the doctors. And the opioids are meant to be taken to relieve the pain. However, most patients if not keen enough, end up abusing the opioids without knowing that it causes more harm to them. The same case applies to the abuse of street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and so on.

  1. An obsession with the drugs

An addict’s brain will always be thinking of how they will get the drug and when to get the drug at all times. In fact, most of their conversations are all about drugs. And in most cases, they will always praise the drug in as much as it clearly is harming their health.

  1. Withdrawing from family and friends

Drug addicts have a tendency of wanting to stay away from their loved ones. Partially this is because they probably want the habit to remain a secret or they feel like they will be judged by them. As a result, they end up jeopardizing their relationships with their friends and even family members.

  1. Borrowing money to buy drugs

The fact that a drug addict cannot do without the drugs means that they always have to find a way to get cash to buy the drugs. They end up mismanaging their finances, and some of them even take loans from friends and family to purchase the drugs. To make it worse, when they see that they do not have money or no one is giving them money, some of them end up stealing money to buy the drugs.

  1. Loss of interest

Another sign of drug addiction is losing interest in the activities that one used to enjoy before. The overdependence on the drug makes them feel like the drug is the only thing that they need in their lives. Additionally, the productivity of a drug addict deteriorates on a daily since their focus shifts from what they are expected to do to only thinking about the drug.

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