5 roofing sales tips secret you never know

Even though selling other products is hard, selling roofs is even harder. With roofs, it is not viable to do door-to-door salesmanship. However, this should not hinder you from venturing into the business since the industry has been revolutionized with modern ways of attracting clients. Since learning is a never-ending process, keeping up with the new tricks of getting more sales is necessary. This article equips you with pro tips on drastically boosting your roofing sales.

Developing a strong online presence

With the technological advancements in this modern age, all businesses need to be carried out through online platforms. Selling roofs is no exception. To succeed at it, you will need to create a strong online presence since it represents your brand. Essentially, the online presence is centered on customer engagement. You need to learn more how to actively engage with your potential customers and understand their needs.

Come up with a good marketing strategy.

With strategic marketing, you have won half the battle on roofing sales tips. There are tons of marketing options that you can embrace, one of them being digital marketing. Essentially, you need to market your roofs on all social media platforms. Your website should be linked to these social media platforms. This will make it easier for your potential clients to access it. Instead, you can physically spread the website address using pamphlets. Notably, the website should have a good user interface that displays your best works and customer reviews from former clients. This will make the clients have confidence in you.

Managing your team

The other roofing sales tip is having a well-managed team. By working together, you make each other better. The sales reps need to be trained on how to seal deals. If you are green in managing a sales team, below are some tips on how to;

  • Choose a results-oriented team
  • Clear set your expectations and work towards them
  • Set high, realistic, and achievable goals
  • Reward your team based on their performance
  • Encourage transparency
  • Hire competent sales reps for prolonged growth
  • Due to the difference in the personality of your sales team, you need to use a flexible managerial system.
  • Be open to learning as you get to understand new things every day
  • You need to select a team that is open to learning

Improvising on traditional roofing sales tips

It would be best to do something out of the ordinary to get more sales. Primarily, it would be best if you found your target audience to avoid wasting time on unproductive areas. You can start by building a rapport with the target market. And if you are lucky enough to convert the sales, you should offer an after-sale follow-up. This will help you get referrals and even retain the customers.

Consider upsell and cross-sell

Cross-selling involves providing products that compliment your roof sales. On the other hand, upselling is a technique in which you have to convince the buyer to purchase an expensive product with greater value. The two techniques might sound counterintuitive, but they significantly improve sales.


Roofing sales is a hard nut to crack that requires some little expertise. However, worry no more! The above roofing sales tips equip you with the needed knowledge to be among the best in the industry.

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