5 Reasons You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Did you know there were 42,939 deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. in 2021? But the number of injuries from car accidents greatly exceeded the number of fatalities. You can imagine that the pain and suffering after a fender bender can be immense.

While no one wants to think about being involved in an accident on the roadway, vehicle collisions do happen. And unfortunately, some of them lead to injuries and fatalities.

Consider these five reasons to contact a personal injury lawyer after a car accident.

1. You Need to Know if You Have a Case

One reason to call a personal injury lawyer is to see if you have an actionable case. If you’re injured after an accident, it’s essential to learn what treatment and compensation you’re entitled to. So, you should contact a personal injury lawyer right after an accident for a consultation. You can ask questions to find out how to get the help you need and deserve.

2. Find Out About the Process

Understanding the ins and outs of personal injury law is enough to overwhelm even the bravest of souls. You’ll want the help of a personal injury lawyer to learn what the process is all about. When consulting with such a service provider, you’ll find out about things like:

  • Steps involved in the process
  • Documents that must be filled out and submitted
  • Ballpark timelines for the various steps in the process

Learning about the process will give you peace of mind. You’ll know what to expect and won’t be taken by surprise. If there’s a reason to pivot during the process, your personal injury lawyer will let you know the details.

3. You Need Help Dealing With the Insurance Company

Another reason to contact a personal injury law lawyer is if you’re having trouble with the insurance company handling your case. It’s never in your best interests to go head-to-head with the insurer. Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out any more than necessary. It’s not uncommon for them to deny claims or make low-ball offers.

You need a personal injury law attorney with experience dealing with insurance companies. They’ll know how to negotiate and get you a fair offer that meets your present and future needs. Going it alone means you might not even know if your settlement offer is reasonable. With so much at stake, you should work with a legal professional with the skills to help you.

4. You Need Help Appealing a Decision

If your claim is denied or you receive an underwhelming settlement offer, you’ll want the help of a personal injury lawyer. They’ll be able to launch an appeal that increases your odds of a more favorable outcome. Again, trying to do this yourself can be frustrating if you’re not experienced with the negotiation process. You need help from someone accustomed to working with and negotiating with insurance companies in personal injury cases.

5. You Need to Take Your Case to Court

The personal injury case will be easier if you come to an agreement with the insurance company. But you may have to take your case to court if you don’t reach a settlement. You’ll want a personal injury lawyer experienced at representing clients in court. Not all of them are. Some lawyers have experience negotiating settlements but little hands-on experience going to court. A good personal injury lawyer will help you if your case goes before a judge.

These are some of the instances when you’ll want a personal injury lawyer in your corner. The process can be a stressful one, so the best idea is to get the help you need for a good outcome.

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