5 Reasons Why Your Mini Split Keeps Shutting Off

Ductless mini splits offer many benefits to homes and businesses alike, including their ability to heat and cool without disrupting daily routines.

Unfortunately, problems can arise with ductless air conditioning units that cause them to shut off unexpectedly. A blockage in an air filter or even an iced-over evaporator coil could be responsible.

Suppose your ductless mini-split AC is acting up and shutting off unexpectedly. In that case, it’s time to address the issue. Consider getting professional help from Anderson Air for your mini split services in Springdale, AR.

1. Faulty thermostat

The thermostat is at the core of any ductless system, controlling how it heats or cools. A malfunctioning thermostat could overwork your air conditioner and lead to its shutdown and other complications.

Installation is vital to avoid potential issues with ductless systems, and only licensed HVAC professionals possess the expertise needed for proper ductless system thermostat installations.

2. Faulty wiring

Electrical wiring can be an intricate and time-consuming task requiring expert knowledge to install correctly or repair. Mini-splits contain multiple electrical components that must work harmoniously together for their proper function; should one stop functioning, your system may shut off entirely without restarting automatically.

For safety reasons, your mini split’s outdoor unit must connect to your electrical service panel through a surge protector and disconnect box. At the same time, a cable runs between both indoor and outdoor units inside your home to connect them.

These connecting wires should conform to specific gauge and thickness requirements to meet the operating needs of your mini-split system. An expert technician will ensure it satisfies these criteria before installing it in your home.

3. Low refrigerant

Ductless mini-split systems rely on special refrigerants to absorb and extract heat from indoor air, so if they do not receive sufficient refrigerant, they won’t be able to provide cooling power but instead bring hot outdoor air indoors.

Your ductless unit may begin shutting off if its refrigerant level drops too low, oftentimes due to a leak. Older refrigerants such as R22 (which is being phased out) may emit an unpleasant aromatic odor; newer ones like R410A and R32, on the other hand, are odor-free.

Problems associated with air conditioners tend to be straightforward and straightforward to address; however, professional service technicians should be called in for assistance to safely inspect for leaks, repair them and recharge the system before performing vacuum and purge operations to eliminate moisture or non-condensable from entering.

4. Damaged evaporator coil

Your mini-split may be turning off and on intermittently due to damage to its evaporator coil in the indoor unit. A clogged air filter could block airflow and cause it to freeze over, leading to low refrigerant levels and water leakage issues. An HVAC technician with experience and the appropriate tools can check for low refrigerant levels and replenish it safely.

5. Water leaks and drain blockages

As time passes, your ductless mini split’s drain line may become damaged and leak, necessitating professional service to inspect it and replace the pan if necessary.

Clogged or kinked drain lines could force your ductless mini-split to shut off due to inadequate airflow. A blockage prevents condensation from draining away and will require cleaning.

However, before undertaking this task, be sure to disconnect its power and electrical cord to preserve proper safety precautions when cleaning out its channels.

As part of wall-mounted units’ requirements, indoor units must also be leveled on all planes to allow drain lines to function effectively and prevent leaks. Furthermore, you should change your filter once every two months and regularly clean outdoor units to reduce dirt build-up in the system.

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