5 Random Facts About Your Pets That You Should Know About

Now that we’re stuck inside our homes due to the pandemic, most of us are getting bored. Thankfully, we have a lot of stuff that we can safely do inside our homes. Aside from that, we have our furry or not-so furry companions with us at home to keep us company. These companions are our pets, our best friends before, during, and after this pandemic.

Most people who have pets and take care of them appropriately say a lot about their personality. These people can be easy to get along with, friendly, and, most of all, caring. Our pets are more than just our friends; they are our family. Just seeing your pet walking beside you is such a comforting feeling that everyone should experience. With that said, here are some random facts about our pets that you should know about:

Dogs Are on Par With a 2-Year Old’s Smarts

Yes, you read it right: Dogs are just as smart as a 2-year-old child. In fact, dogs can understand more than 150 words and even know how to count. Although you won’t see a dog have a conversation with you while cooking breakfast, our pets can usually understand us. These are just some wtf facts that you can look up about our furry friends.

Dogs also have excellent hearing, and they like the sound of squeaky toys as it mimics their “prey.” Several factors can affect the mental abilities of a dog. The breed of the dog, for example, can play a crucial role. Studies show that the most intelligent breeds are: Border Collies, Poodles, German Shepherds, Retrievers, and Doberman Pinschers.

Cat’s Tongues Are Sharp

You may have noticed a sharp or rough feeling when your cat licks your skin. The reason for this rough feeling is that a cat’s tongue is full of backward-pointing spines called papillae. In bigger, wilder cats such as lions and tigers, the papillae is designed to scrape off meat from bones. In our domesticated feline friends, however, these sharp spines act as a comb for grooming.

Some Birds Can Live Longer Than You

Believe it or not, some pet birds can outlive their owners. Large parrots such as Macaws can actually live up to 100 years or more, given it’s exceptionally well-taken care off.  A cockatoo can reach the age of 40. Small birds like canaries can live up to 10-15 years but can reach up to 25 years. Finches have the shortest lifespan at five years, but a few have been known to 20 years.

Goldfish Don’t Have 3-Second Memories

Although there’s a belief that goldfish have a memory that lasts only for 3 seconds, studies have disproved that fact. In more recent studies, scientists were able to find out that goldfish can remember events up to 3 months or even longer.

Believe it or not, a goldfish’s attention span isn’t one of the shortest. On average, most goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds. Most humans, on the other hand, have an attention span of 8 seconds, most likely due to a more digitized lifestyle.

You Can Keep Exotic Pets

Capybaras, bearded dragons, hedgehogs, jerboas, fennec foxes, and other wild animals can be kept as pets. However, these animals need more attention than a regular dog. Keeping wild animals as pets can be extremely difficult, and in most cases, illegal. Before buying such pets, always check with laws and ask yourself if you’re ready to take care of such an animal. You can visit beardeddragonguru.com for more information.

A lot of wild animals don’t make good pets. You might also have trouble dealing with wild animals as they have different temperaments. You’re better off getting a dog or cat rather than a rhino after all.


Pets are great companions to have. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, a goldfish, or a capybara, always take care of your pets the best way possible. Remember, pets are more than just pets or friends; they’re your family.

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