5 Questions You May Have about Ceramic Coatings

When you purchase a new car, you would want to maintain its look. However, the car’s exterior has to withstand extreme weather conditions and environmental damages like bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, and dust that damage the paint.

Though you can wash your car once a week to keep the painted surface clean, it might not be enough to prevent the damage caused by the environmental elements. If you want to protect your car’s paint and maintain its looks, you need to consider applying a ceramic coat to the car’s painted surface.

You have several options in ceramic coatings. Hence, you need to be careful in your selection. Here is a detailed list of questions that you need to ask to ensure the ceramic coating is suitable for your car to make things easy for you.

  1. Are You Required to Do Any Prep Work Before Applying the Coating?

Yes, you need to prepare your car before applying a ceramic coat. Here is the list of prep work that needs to be done before applying a ceramic coat.

  • Washing the Car

Washing the car will remove the debris and contaminants from the car’s surface. You can wash the car with soap cannon and a high-pressure hose. Make sure the car is thoroughly clean before applying the ceramic coatings.

Removing the dirt and tiny particles from the car’s painted surface allows the ceramic coating to form a strong Nano-bond with the painted surface.

  • Clay Bar Treatment

The clay bar treatment removes contaminants that are not easily removed by a car shampoo. These pollutants can penetrate metal, glass, paint and settle on surfaces and components even after several car washes. So, this treatment makes your car spic-and-span.

  • Paint Correction

Contrary to the common belief, the car’s paint surface is not as smooth as you think. The paint correction treatment removes any imperfections in the paint’s finish. Professionals use a range of graded pads, finishing polishes, and machine polishers to make the painted surface as smooth as possible.

These three steps are crucial for an optimal finish of ceramic coating. The car detailing services prep your car for the ceramic coating application and the costs are included in the ceramic coating package.

  1. What Maintenance and Care Are Needed After Applying the Ceramic Coating?

The car detailing service will provide you with details of maintenance and care needed by your car after a ceramic coat application. You need to follow the instructions to maintain the shine and extend the life of the ceramic coating.

According to car detailing experts, there are few precautions you need to take after applying a ceramic coating. You can use water, car wash solution, or car shampoo to clean your car. However, never use any harsh chemicals, clay bars to clean your car. You can also use glass cleaner or no-rinse lubricant to wash your car after applying a ceramic coating.

  1. What Does Lifetime Warranty Cover?

The ceramic coating warranty cover depends on the product you use. The best ceramic coating products offer a lifetime warranty. It means the company warrants the coating for life if you fulfil annual service requirements. If you fail to fulfil the annual service requirements, the warranty is only offered five years from the last service date.

The lifetime warranty is limited to environmental fallouts like bird droppings and bug splatter. If environmental fallouts damage the ceramic coating, the company will reapply the ceramic coat for free.

  1. Can You Apply the Ceramic Coating at Home?

Yes, you can apply a ceramic coat to your car at home by using DIY products. In that case, you need to prep your car at home before applying a ceramic coat. According to car detailing experts, ceramic coating is a complex task that professionals better accomplish.

The professionals at car detailing service have complete knowledge of the ceramic coating products and the correct method of application. They undergo training to ensure the best finish, which might not be possible when you do it at home.

  1. Does the Ceramic Coating Crack in Summer or After a FewYears?

The ceramic coating has intermolecular solid bonds with the car’s painted surface. Hence, the ceramic coating will not peel or crack in summer. Such a guarantee can be given when the work is done by car detailing services that use high-quality products. You cannot guarantee the same with DIY ceramic coatings.

To sum up, these are few questions that come to most people’s minds when they think about ceramic coatings. Ask them to make the right selection for your car.

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