5 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Process Server in Union City

When you want to serve someone a document, there are two ways to go about it. You could either employ a process server or ask the sheriff’s department to help deliver the documents. However, if the sheriff’s department attempted to help serve the papers, your documents stand the risk of late service. However, when you want to find a local process server in Union City or elsewhere, it’d help to consider some characteristics.

Following are salient traits to look out for when selecting the proper local process serving companies around you. Additionally, you’ll find some vital questions to ask before hiring your potential process serving company in Union City.

Understanding the Services of a Process Server

The functions of an ideal process server include serving legal papers such as small claims papers, subpoenas, eviction notices, motions, and “show cause” orders. Additionally, the process server should be able to:

  • Retrieve data by researching the courthouse
  • Carry out civil and criminal background checks
  • Utilize skip tracing methods in locating witnesses
  • Offer hand-delivery “walk-through” courthouse service
  • Offer same-day legal courier service

Vital Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Process Server

1. How Knowledgeable Is the Process Server?

Here’s the first attribute to query in your potential choice when you want to find a local process server in Union City. The process server must have sufficient knowledge about the laws of California and your municipal area. There are particular laws concerning the different forms of actions or papers of a process serving company in California.

If the potential process server isn’t knowledgeable about these regulations, it could cause a delay in service or end in invalid service. By selecting an informed process server, they’ll grasp how to serve papers for every form of legal proceeding.

When employing a process server, it’d help to ask whether they understand the relevant process serving laws. Some of the crucial questions to ask them include:

  • Are you fully registered as a process server in California?
  • What are your professional qualifications?
  • Do you ensure to stay current with the latest regulations regarding proper process service?
  • What relevant professional or community affiliations does your company have?

2. What’s their Customer Service?

Effective and compassionate customer service is nearly as important as the accuracy of service delivery. When considering a process serving company, it’s vital to ensure that there’s a clear line of communications around expectations and timelines.

That way, everyone could know what would happen next. A dependable professional legal support expert ought to discuss all aspects of the case, including expected delivery times, deadlines, and other vital information.

One way to check out the quality of a process serving company’s customer service is through online reviews. Review websites and even a basic Google search like “best legal process server near me” could reveal much about the considered professional.

After sifting through different online customer reviews, you’ll likely have come up with a handful of potential professional servers for your case. You may then go ahead to question the prospects about their policy for meeting deadlines, rush services, and continuous communication with clients.

3. What Is Their Success Rate?

A good process server will work hard when serving legal papers on behalf of their customers. Several moving targets may arise during process serving, and there is no 100% guarantee that they will successfully deliver the documents. Yet, they should execute their work efficiently and conduct a proper follow-up on the subjects of their duties.

Here’s why it’s important to query the success rate of the legal support professional you’re considering. Ask about their experience with serving papers. Have they faced any difficulties in the process? How did it all end?. Here are some crucial questions to ask your potential process server regarding their success rate.

  • What’s the average length it’ll take to serve papers similar to mine to the target individuals?
  • Did your firm ever encounter a situation where you couldn’t complete a paper service?
  • What’s your typical action line when someone is evading service? How would you execute such a situation?

Complaints of an improper document service could lead to a delay or alteration in the legal matters at hand. It’s therefore crucial that you find legal support professionals with a proven process serving history.

4. How Well Do They Leverage Technology?

Some individuals may attempt to evade service. However, an effective process server would have different resources in their pool to find people. For instance, they may have access to classified databases of addresses, social security numbers, driver license numbers, and phone numbers.

Moreover, the local process serving firm may also leverage technology in different ways towards an overall more convenient experience for the client. Do they have a means of keeping the client up-to-date with the documents service? Does the company utilize technology tools and systems towards finding evading individuals? Also, how efficiently do they leverage the Internet for activities like payments and consultations?

5. What Are Their Rates?

The price of a service isn’t all there is to its worth, but it still won’t hurt to pay attention here. When considering the different fees of prospective process servers, there are a few things to consider alongside them. For example, how much time would they spend on your case? What level of expertise do they need to find and locate the target? Where is the location being serviced?

Where there are shady areas, it’d help to query them and clarify issues directly before appending your signature on any document. Ask them about their rates and possibly their rush service fees, among other things. That way, you’re sure of what you’re getting into before you conclude about employing them.


We’ve seen some of the vital questions to ask when you want to find a local process server in Union City, CA. It’s always necessary to have sufficient information around the types of service they offer and whether they meet all the requirements outlined here.

Understanding the importance of process serving will ensure you do all you can to find a reputable server and avoid getting into trouble with the law.

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