5 Popular Careers That Involve Working with Children

Do you believe you are a person of patience and compassion? Do you usually find yourself trying to connect with children? Then you have at least narrowed down your career options. If doing well with kids is second nature to you, consider having a career that involves spending time with them. Working with children is challenging because it requires a lot of time, knowledge, and experience.

On the other hand, it is rewarding when you see the positive results and constructive feedback from children and their parents or caregivers. There is a variety of job positions that will help you grow in your career but also make an impact on kids and young adults. You become a vital part of their development as human beings and they appreciate anybody who understands them and gives a helping hand. In this article, you will find a few of the most popular jobs involving work with children.


This is the most common choice for anyone ambitious about providing children with the best education and setting the foundation for their future. This position requires at least a Bachelor’s degree if you are to teach in elementary school. If you are interested in covering a specific subject such as Math or History, you are expected to work more on further education. Teachers should be patient and good communicators. Both children and their parents or caregivers expect feedback on their educational development, so teachers should know how to approach different situations and people. Also, they need to work on lesson plans by being creative and having excellent organizational skills.

Recreation worker

The job description of a recreational worker is leading groups of children or young adults in various activities, from summer camps to recreational centers and amusement parks. They promote being active but at the same time having fun while doing it. A high school diploma is a good start to apply but you will need more on-site training depending on what type of position you are at. If you applied for a job in a summer camp, you will be organizing various activities during the day, from sports sessions to afternoon hiking. The key is to know how to engage children and create memorable moments so they want to come back again next year.

Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nursing takes a lot of dedication and patience even before practicing medicine. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, you must do an internship to be a CPN (Certified Pediatric Nurse). However, your education doesn’t stop there. Healthcare workers regularly work on broadening their knowledge which is made easier by attending online courses. A CPN can attend PALS training completely online, at their own pace. PALS or Pediatric Advanced Life Support is useful when an infant or a child needs your help in cases of urgency. This is why healthcare requires a responsible and quick-thinking person who always puts their patients first.

Daycare Worker

People are slowly returning to their offices so it means somebody should look after their children while they are away. Daycare facilities provide everything a child needs, from meals to educational activities. You are responsible for several children in a group. Some of your duties would be monitoring them during playtime, teaching them various skills, and ensuring their safety at all times. One of the benefits of this job is that you are most needed during office hours since their parents can pick them up after work. A stable job position at a daycare center takes experience and continuous training so prepare to invest your time if you are eager to work with children.

Social Worker

This career involves much more than just assistance in a child’s educational development. It means helping them when they are struggling mentally and physically. You are there to recognize children and young adults facing challenges in their families such as abuse, neglect, and the like. A social worker is supposed to be a strong and stable person who can help children adapt to different situations such as adoption, foster families, or reuniting with their family members. Good communication, kindness, and diligence are just a few traits of a reliable social worker. For many of these children, you become a role model and enormous support during their hardest times.

To Conclude

Education and discipline will lead you to great career opportunities. However, working with children requires much more. They will show you affection only if you are honest and helpful. Once you gain their trust, there is no better reward than seeing you have made a positive impact on children and young adults. In return, you’ll get a playful and enjoyable job, filled with warm energy and vivid imagination.

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