5 of the best pets for college students

College life may sometimes be hard and full of stress, having something like a pet will probably help you endure the challenging times. If you are residing in a hostel or outside the campus in the rentals, you may be given rules about the types of pets allowed there. Interestingly, various pets can live in the dorms and are cheap to keep them and will help you go through your class sessions. If this doesn’t interest you, you can visit paytowriteessays.com. In that regard, here are the best pets for you.


It can be so fun to have hedgehogs around for a college student. You should always keep in mind that not all states allow the keeping of hedgehogs. Therefore, you should ensure that helps before you can purchase. It is easier to care for this pet because you only need an enclosure, food pellets, a running wheel, and toys. Moreover, it is more important to socialize with your pet; therefore, you will spend lots of time together. If you are a hedgehog owner, you really won’t be bored because this pet will enlighten your day better after extended boring operations.


Turtles remain to best addition to your college dorm or apartment. They give you the best companion to avoid getting bored. Not only are they quiet by they also look lovely in your room. You are assured more interaction because it is interactive and social. A turtle does not need much care. You only need a large tank with water, food, and a heating lamp. This offers your pet the best care at all times. What’s more, is the fact that it has a longer lifespan; therefore, you need to be well informed on how you can care for it better.

Hermit crabs

Most college students prefer keeping hermit crabs because of many reasons. These pets are very quiet and do not need much maintenance. This makes it so convenient for students to keep. You will only need hermit crab food and enough space for your pets to explore. For two hermit crabs, you can offer them five gallons of space. Moreover, you can have some extra shells inside for your hermit crabs to try on as they grow. This makes both of you have the best college experience.


Where you are a student who engages in numerous co-curricular activities or travels mostly to your home, you are most suited to having a snake with you. Snakes are considered very cheap to maintain because they take simple diets, and feeding them is not so often; therefore, you will not be stressed when you are away. In addition, snakes, in most cases, rarely want to be touched; hence if you like keeping alone, you will be okay with the snake.

Guinea Pigs

The guinea pigs may live in different environments; they do not need any special attention in their care. Also, guinea pigs have many similar characteristics that portray them to be of perfect company. Ensure that you have a proper structure to keep them and be always available to let them out at least a moment in a day. The good thing about Guinea Pigs is that they live many years, on average of seven years, enough to enjoy precious time with them before you complete your campus studies.


A pet offers you the best company. Each time you feel, only you can turn to your pet to lift your moods. There are many pets that you can always opt to rare depending on your needs. As a college student, you can go for a quiet pet and does not need more maintenance. You rest assured of a better college experience throughout your studying period.

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