5 Live Chat Practices to Boost Revenue

More than 41% of today’s consumers expect live chat on a website, and this number climbs to 50% when visiting from a mobile device. This insight shows that live chat options, in addition to or even instead of email and phone services, are not just as an added extra anymore — they are a vital necessity.

To show how live chat practices can directly boost your company’s revenue, here are the top five bonuses that live chat can bring to the table and help your company reach their goals.

Personalized Guidance for Your Customers

Live chat offers a personal touch that customers love. Your business needs a way of engaging and communicating with customers that suits them, and live chat does just that. They can get in touch with you at the right time for their schedule, chat while at work or doing something else, and have easy access to a powerful tool to answer their simple questions and queries. The customer experience overall results in high satisfaction; more than 42% of customers prefer live chat to any other form of support while online shopping.

Double up Customer Service as Sales Opportunities

As a business owner, you will always be trying to streamline your entire organization. Large enterprises often struggle with communication between departments and managing wider company objectives that not every team member is exposed to. By having crossover in tasks between customer service and sales through live chat integration, you will foster greater cooperation throughout your entire organization. Employee engagement will likely skyrocket: customer service employees can now develop a knowledge base to turn customers’ questions and complaints into sales opportunities. Of course, this also means more revenue for you.

To help manage this increased agent productivity, you might want to take advantage of the power of OKR. The best OKR software will act as a roadmap to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop a team plan for everyone involved. With greater teamwork comes better results. Having a one-stop complete solution for tracking these company goals and acting as a place for managers to check in on progress will only streamline this process further.

Receive Instant Feedback

The clue is in the name of live chat: it’s all live and happening in real-time. That means your agents can make rapid and better decisions when it comes to fulfilling your customers’ needs. You can notify customers of new information and updates on their questions with a simple notification and solve problems in far less time. For example, the average response time for customer service emails is twelve hours. For social media, it’s ten hours. For live chat, answers are usually provided within two minutes. This level of speed alone sets live chat out as an excellent tool at a glance.

Cut Costs for Communications

Live chat is also often a cost-effective solution for customer service and sales optimization. This is especially true when you look at package options, like the ones offered by Bright Pattern as part of their Oracle call center software. With outbound calls, call recording, contact centers, live chat, and more rolled into one, you can benefit from an advanced people management platform that benefits everybody. Experts in each respective field will respond to your customers quickly and professionally, giving you all the benefits of rapid customer service without any of the hassle.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Using an intuitive platform like live chat shows that you are listening to what customers want and this makes them feel like they are being heard. Even automation at the beginning of the live chat can feel personalized with the right AI and can often solve consumer concerns quickly. For the modern world, speed is of the essence. Introducing live chat showed an increase in customer loyalty, sales, and revenue for 79% of businesses. This level of improvement is hard to ignore — as we all know, a loyal customer is far better than a new one.

To capitalize on all of these benefits, consider introducing live chat to your business workflow today.

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