5 Key Skills To Succeed As A Nurse Practitioner


The healthcare system has developed a lot over the past few years. The roles, once limited to only physicians, are now shared by other health care workers, such as Nurse Practitioners. Nowadays, a nurse practitioner is not only equipped with the latest knowledge and skills but also licensed to practice independently in some clinical zones. Nurses carefully diagnose, analyze, and prescribe medicines to treat certain illnesses. They are responsible for educating people about the precautions and processes of the treatment they are undergoing. Nurses not only dress wounds but also comfort the patients. The need for more nursing practitioners has increased drastically due to their high accessibility and affordability. The high demand has to lead to many people choosing nursing as a career. However, only enough relevant educational degrees are not sufficient to flourish in the nursing career. There is a certain set of skills you have to possess to take care of your patients properly. We have listed down some of the skills that would help you succeed in your nursing career.


Being kind and empathetic towards your patient is the first rule of this job. It is a very challenging task to stay composed while working in the health care system. Too much sensitivity would make you lose focus on your job while being cold-hearted would drift patients away from you. A nursing practitioner should be compassionate towards the feeling of both the patient and his loved ones. It is a hard time, especially during trauma cases or after being infected by a contagious disease, and kind words are valued equally with the ongoing treatment. It doubles a patient’s will to recover and give them hope. You should make your patients feel valued, and that would help them get through the illness in a better way. Empathy for others usually develops with practice and exposure, but it is essential to be successful.


If you are a nurse practitioner and have completed your post masters DNP, you may land in the complicated clinical area job. It not only requires adequate degrees but a full-time commitment. You need to pay attention to every single detail as a slight carelessness in writing down the history can lead to severe consequences at times. A nurse should be fully attentive and alert while listening to the patient and even when listing out any diagnosis or precautions. Nurses working in the policy-making sector should be critically thinking before taking any step as the better future of the health care workers is in their hands. They should be fully dedicated and committed to their job as it requires fulltime devotion, and any sort of ignorance can lead to tragic outcomes.

Honesty and Enthusiasm

A nurse practitioner should not only be dedicated to their job but should be honest as well. It plays a crucial role in dealing with the emotional state of patients. A nurse should always tell the truth to the patients about all the ongoing treatments and possible outcomes of it, whatever they may be. You should also take the family of the patient into confidence about the situation of the patient. For instance, you should not lie to a third stage cancer patient that they would get well if the chances are low. It would only give them, and their families’ false hope, and they would not be emotionally ready to accept any bad news.

A major deal in this job is to work with enthusiasm. You can be lazy in a clinical zone. If a trauma patient comes, you should be active enough to appropriately dress the wound and take all the necessary measures. If you are just doing this job to earn money, this may not be the right career choice for you. Old age patients and emergency patients are highly vulnerable, and slight carelessness could prove to be fatal. Therefore, it is better to take days off when you do not feel the energy to work with passion rather than risking people’s lives.


A nurse should be comfortable to work around any sort of environment. This job involves dealing with multicultural people around the clock. You cannot say no to patients based on their race, color, or religion. You should be open to treating anyone in need. It is an essential factor as some people do not commit to working outside their comfort zones, and this profession cannot bear the load of workers choosing people to take care of. Racism is highly disapproved all around the world, but it has to be abolished entirely before entering this field.

Be well informed and possess the best communication skills

The art of communicating effectively is an essential skill. Nurses should be able to deliver the message with a hundred percent accuracy both to the doctors and the patients. If you are in this field, you know that excellent communication is the foundation of diagnosing the patient correctly. You will be well aware of the patient’s needs and would be able to properly take care of them if you can talk to them openly.

The field of medicine is continuously evolving every day. New techniques are introduced, and further reforms are made. An important way to be successful is to educate yourself with the latest knowledge in this field you can upgrade your skills by attending different workshops, registering yourself indifferent certifications and diplomas according to your domain.


After four to six years of specialized education, you would become a nurse practitioner. However, the need to secure a doctorate would certainly be mandatory to work in the critical clinical areas in the future. Apart from education, health care practitioners also need to acquire a set of skills to excel in their careers. Communication and honesty are the bases, but compassion is also necessary. Be kind towards your patient, only then would they be comfortable around you. Cultural diversity should be entirely accepted while working in the field as this system is serving humanity and should be open to all humans. You also have to work actively and carefully in the hospital as even little negligence can result in tragedy. 

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