5 Items to Put Inside Your Dog’s Easter Basket

As Easter approaches, the issue of finding a present for your beloved canine becomes increasingly pressing. And maybe you feel that one present is not enough – perhaps, they deserve a whole basket? Here are some nifty ideas for beautiful and affordable gifts for your dog this Easter.

1. A Portrait

If you like the idea of getting a painting of your dog, you don’t need to wait for inspiration to strike. A professional artist will be able to capture your dog’s unique beauty and personality. When it comes to pet art, the options are endless. Some of the popular choices include bright and colorful pop art, watercolor portraits, or acrylic paintings.

Pop Art

Pop art images are meant to stand out. They are bright and eye-catching, and quite unlike all the other styles. In this type of art, artists use innumerable lines, patterns, shapes, and colors.


These portraits are more or less the opposite of the previous style, relying heavily on muted and neutral tones. Watercolor portraits have a gentle appearance that will bring out your pup’s delicate side.


Here, large strokes and textures are at focus. Artists emphasize lights and shadows to create more detailed texture and greater depth. Acrylic paintings are best for closeups, and they often look great in a rustic interior.

2. Braided Rope

Now, on to our simpler and more affordable Easter basket suggestions. Making a toy for your dog from a braided rope is a fun activity for the whole family. Any leftover fleece fabric will work. The first thing to do is to cut it into strips. Begin with three strips of fabric. One end should be tied with a rubber band or secured with a knot or a safety pin. One person can hold the tied or otherwise secured end, while another person can start braiding the rope.

When the rope has been braided, you can release the secured end of the braid and knot both ends. If you want the knot to be as tight as possible, you can pull one way and have the other person pull it in the opposite direction. Finally, you can leave the rope as it is or cut a fringe on both ends.

Alternatively, you can buy a rope toy. Merchants often sell carrot-shaped ones for Easter. Ropes are great toys for dogs because they help to clean their teeth and improve their chewing muscle strength.

3. Vinyl Chick Toy

A toy in the shape of a chick or any other is a nice alternative to a chewy, but unhealthy marshmallow. Vinyl toys come in all the colors of Easter and are perfect for fetch games. There’s no such thing as a dog with too many toys. Look for toys in different styles that squeak. This present is best for a puppy or a small dog.

4. Easter Collar

Not all dogs like playing dress-up, but you may still want your pup to look festive for the Easter holidays. Easter collars are now on sale and come with egg decorations that can be removed, as well as in all kinds of vibrant and colorful patterns. Just watch for the right size. For further personal touches, you can have your phone number, and your dog’s name added. This can also be done in your colors of choice.

5. Easter Bandanna

Finally, you can make or purchase a handmade bandanna if you want your dog to look super cute for Easter. A bandanna is a good way to spare them the discomfort of a full dog jacket. Again, it’s important to select the right size. For the most durable product, buy or use a 100% cotton bandanna.

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