5 Indications You’re Cut Out for a Job in Customer Service 

Contrary to a common misconception, customer service is not merely hearing complaints and speaking politely to customers; it is a critical component of any successful business operations. By ensuring high-quality customer service, any organization can build a favorable reputation in their industry, attract new customers, and keep a loyal client base.

Given its relevance, it is not surprising that customer service jobs have always been in demand in the Philippines. If you are interested in entering this industry for career advancement opportunities and financial gain, know that this sector is not for everyone. You need specific skills, personality traits, and qualities to succeed.

To ascertain if you are cut out for a position in customer service, below are several signs that you may want to consider. If most of them ring true to you, then there is a good chance that you will thrive in this field of work.

You Have a Way with Words

Although communication skills are necessary for customer service, the job entails more than merely speaking fluently and calmly. Customer service representatives should be able to relay awkward things or give unpleasant news in a way that does not upset or irritate the clients. However, it is worth noting that having a way with words is not about lying but packaging the message in a more palatable manner.

For instance, instead of giving an outright refusal to a customer request that is against company policy, you can tell the client that you will see what you can do about the issue and inform them about the result the following day. In the interim, make sure to see what else you can do to help the customer that may not be violative of your company policy. When you call the next day, the client will most likely be receptive whether you’ve found another way to help them or your reply to the original request is unfavorable. Either way, this will send the message that you tried your best to resolve the issue.

You Are Cool as Ice

Answering calls, addressing different concerns, and dealing with frustrated people all day can be taxing and emotionally draining. That is why customer service representatives should be patient enough to deal with all types of individuals and concerns without taking things too personally.

Think about how you deal with friends and acquaintances and the different circumstances in your daily life. Are you easily irritated when things do not go your way? Do you tend to lash out at others when they act rudely?

If you answer affirmatively to the above questions, you probably need to develop the value of patience before seeking a position in customer service. Take note that unless you have the ability to remain calm and unperturbed in any situation, you will probably have a difficult time staying and growing in the customer service profession.

You Have a Positive Outlook

One study published in the Journal of International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences found that more than 50 percent of customer service representatives in Metro Manila are high in cynicism due to the nature of the work environment. The finding is understandable, considering that individuals working in this sector are getting beat down by bad-mannered and frustrated customers on a daily basis. It is easy to believe the worst in people if you encounter the not-so-nice ones regularly.

That said, a customer service representative should have a positive outlook to remain happy and satisfied in their work despite frequent interaction with unpleasant clients. Positive people focus on the good things, are inherently grateful, and do not dwell on things they cannot control. They are proactive and see opportunities in all circumstances. If those around you often comment on your positive energy and optimism, you will probably be effective in assisting frustrated customers and keeping the spirit up of those around you.

You Are Highly Adaptable to Change

Customer service work is unpredictable. Apart from the system continuously evolving, there is no way of knowing what types of calls a customer service agent will receive throughout the day. There might be a downtime for a certain period followed by multiple phone calls nearing the end of office hours. Even work schedules can be erratic.

How do you usually react to changes and instability? Perhaps you are hardly bothered by surprises, or you are thrilled with the idea of not knowing what to expect. If that is the case, working as a customer representative could be a good fit.

You Maintain Long-Lasting Relationships

As mentioned above, effective customer service is about making clients feel valued by the company. That is why people working in the industry should be genuinely interested in people and build customer relationships. Doing so means remembering client names, being sensitive to their needs, and addressing their concerns in the most efficient manner.

To determine if you have this ability, you may want to assess your personal relationships. If you make friends effortlessly, get along with everyone, and maintain long-term friendships, then you might be suited to work in the customer service sector.

The items discussed above are just some of the essential indications that an individual is well-matched for a job in customer service. Ponder on them to see if they speak to you. If your desire to pursue a position in the field becomes stronger, or if the job becomes even more interesting, you should seriously consider joining the customer service industry today.

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