5 Home Décor Trends that are Coming Your Way

2020 is just around the corner, and everybody is already curious about what will be trending in the home décor section. Many interior designers and editors have already started to predict some trends that will be seen everywhere in 2020. With every New Year or season, we witness new trends, fashion, and style make their way into the industry, and home décor trends are no exception.

As people like to keep up with the latest fashion and style trends, they also want their home to look as up-to-date as possible. It is the reason why they want to know what is new! If you come under the umbrella of such people, then we’ve something for you to look at. This blog will walk you through a few out of many trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere. To find out what are we talking about, stick to this article!

1. The Texture Mixture

We are living for this mixture of textures trend that will be seen everywhere in the upcoming year. Mix different textures with your bedding and sofa, and you’ll be surprised how amazing can this look. Blend leather, cotton, wool, and fringes and decorate your home. Whether alone or combined, this mixture of textures will help you to get a more up-to-date environment. If you want to get the complete effect of this trend, then don’t forget your floors.

2. Fewer Walls

Did you see this one coming? Probably not! In 2019, we witnessed that people love more open and diaphanous spaces. Especially when it comes to the kitchen area, people prefer to leave it open to the dining room. If you want your home to look more transparent and open, then consider throwing a few walls down from your house. You can eliminate the wall that separates your kitchen and dining area. Even opening up the kitchen area to the living room adds to the look and makes the area appear more spacious.

3. Statement Wall Mural

Bye-bye wallpapers, wall murals are here to slay and stay! When it comes to making a trendy statement, what could be the best way to do so than to choose the larger than life work of art? From forest wallpapers to waterfall and from graffiti to concrete, there are a lot of categories and options for you to pick. The best thing about these statement wall murals is that you can install them wherever you want to. Whether you want to install them in your office, home, kitchen, or even bathroom, you are free to choose whatever you like.

4. Cement

Microcement was trending throughout 2019, but it seems that this trend isn’t going anywhere. You might have seen on Pinterest that people considered cement tiles, concrete floors, etc. more than any other option. Not only these concrete floors, islands, walls, bathrooms, etc. look +minimalistic, but they also require minimum maintenance and provide high resistance.

5. Grey Walls and Furniture

The grey color isn’t disappearing anytime soon. In fact, we are expected to see this more in 2020. Being a neutral color, it offers you to incorporate a variety of styles and combinations into your place. In the upcoming year, grey walls with bolder and vibrant combinations will be a big thing. However, this trend is not limited to the walls only. You can also buy furniture, carpets, textiles, and other stuff to decorate your house or office.

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