These days people prefer to give gifts according to the choices of the person they are gifting. However, it is easy to find unique items for book lovers, music lovers, or sports lovers. But finding the perfect cat gifts for cat lovers is a difficult task. But if you are thinking to gift something related to cats to your cat-lover friend, then we can help you. In this article, you will find five unique and attractive cat gift ideas that any cat lover will love. For gifting these items to your friends, you will only require a few photos of their cat for these gifts. The attractive gift hacks for cat lovers are-

1. Customized photo collage

One of the best gifts for cat lovers is a photo collage of their pet. They must have got their photo collage as a gift several times. But no one had ever thought of gifting a photo collage of their cat. Hence, they will love the idea of customized photo collages.

Like any other photo collage, you can customize a cat photo collage in different designs. You can make the collage with photos of one cat or photos of multiple cats. According to the number of pictures and your budget, you can buy a collage of different available sizes. You can also add pictures of your friend with cats in the collage.

2. Custom Pet Blanket

You can also gift a customized pet blanket to a cat lover. This blanket will have some beautiful pictures of the cat printed on it. With photos, you can also add personalized messages for your friend or the relationship between your friend and his/her cat. The customized message will make the blanket more personalized and attractive. You can also arrange multiple pictures of the cat in the blanket and make it like a photo collage. Photos can be printed on the pet blanket in different designs to give it a unique and attractive look.

The customized pet blanket comes in different sizes. You can order the size according to the size of the cat. Your cat lover friend can use the pet blanket for the cat’s bedding or for covering them on chill winter nights. These blankets can serve a double purpose as well. Your friend can use it as decoration around the cat space or in his/her room to feel more attached to the cat. The cat will also love to play with a blanket with her picture.

3. Pet Portrait

Pet portraits are another very attractive gift item for cat lover friends. Portraits are in trend these days. It looks more attractive than a simple photo frame or photo collage. The portrait looks very real and attractive. Through portraits, you can also give a unique look to the cat. In many cat portraits, they are dressed up as queens, kings, admirals, etc. Animals look very attractive in such portraits. It fascinates the cat lovers and the cat as well. Hence, a customized portrait is one of the best gifts for pet lovers.

4. Pet Customized mugs

You may give customized mugs with photos of our friends to them. But to cat-lover friends, you can give a customized coffee mug with pictures of their cats. Along with pictures of cats, you can also add a beautiful message to the coffee mug. The message will give a personalized touch to the gift as it will be your emotions for your friends and their cat.

You can also add pictures of your friend along with the cat. Cat lovers always have many photos with their cats and other pet cats. You can club these pictures together on a coffee mug to gift them. Such a gift will impact your friend emotionally, and they will keep it very safely with them for a longer time.

5. Customized Pet Poster 

If you don’t want to give a cat portrait, you can gift a cat poster instead. Posters look much more attractive and catchier than portraits. In the poster, you can ask the seller to give the cat a look of any fictional character. If your friend loves any superhero, you can make a poster of the cat portraying that superhero. Your friends have never even imagined such an idea. Hence, this gift will surprise them, and they will keep it close to their heart.

Theme based gifts

Customized cat gifts look very attractive, and the receiver also loves them a lot. But the confusion remains that what new could be done in the customization. If you also have this doubt, then prefer theme-based customization. Before deciding how to customize a gift, choose a theme for customization. For a cat, you can choose a movie theme, hero theme, festival theme, Valentine’s theme, and many more. Then choose pictures of the cat according to the theme and finally decide on a complete design. While deciding the theme, also think about the choices of your cat-lover friend.

Different portraits for male and female cats

On popular pet gift sites, you will find different portraits of male and female cats. Female cats are dressed as Queens, ladies, or as women movie characters. While male cats are dressed as kings, Mr. Cool, superheroes, etc. The portraits of cats in the getup of such characters look cute and funny at the same time. However, before deciding on the portrait ensure the gender of your friend’s cat.

To Wrap Up

These were some customized gift ideas for cat loversCustom gifts are not only material things. These gifts hold emotional values and memories. Hence, gifting customized cat items to a cat lover is the best hack. Not only your friend but the cats will also love such gifts whenever they see them. To order these gifts you only need a few pictures of the cat. If your friend has more than one cat, then you can include photos of all the cats in the gift. All these gifts are useful and beautiful. Hence, you can buy whichever item you find the best.

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