5 Great Examples of Gatlinburg Cabins That Are Ideal for a Short-Term Vacation Rental!

Going on holiday, even if it is just for a few days out of your busy schedule, can be a super relaxing time. Most people will agree that it is definitely healthy to have a mini vacation at least once every four months.

But deciding to go on holiday is but one part of the equation. Choosing where to go is the other, and can be quite complicated. Well, if you are looking for a place that provides outdoor space and feel that’s not too far from everything, you might want to consider Gatlinburg cabins with pools.

Gatlinburg is famous for its great views, amazing culinary scene, and some of the best cabins with pools so that you can have ideas of where you can spend a short vacation.

Top Gatlinburg Cabins With Pools

1. Splash N’ Play

This very unique 7-bedroom cabin offers accommodation for 20 people where you and your visitors can enjoy an indoor private pool.

You do not have to worry about too much heat if you visit over the summer holidays as the cabin comes with a fully functional air conditioner. The Wi-Fi internet signal is also strong all through the cabin so if you intend to watch shows on Netflix or STARZ you can do so with ease.

You can rent a car during your vacation and not worry about parking as the cabin has a large parking space available.

2. Kissing Retreat

We know from the name you quickly assumed this is a cabin only fit for a couple but, in fact, it can host a total of six. So maybe three couples?

This cabin has two very spacious bedrooms both fitted with their own bathrooms. The master room has a fireplace installed so you do not have to worry about cold nights.

Renting this cabin gives you access to a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a pool table, a game table and a flat-screen TV.

3. Awesome Views

If you are looking for accommodation to host parties, birthdays, anniversaries, or family vacations, Awesome Views #701 is the cabin for you!

This is a six-bedroom, fully furnished cabin that can host around 10 to 20 guests fitted with five bathrooms. Amazing views also has an indoor swimming pool exclusively for the guests staying in the cabin.

All in all, this cabin has a huge living space and fantastic amenities, so rest assured you will have a most pleasant and comfortable stay.

4. The Splash Mansion

The Splash Mansion is one of the newest cabins in Gatlinburg that comes fitted with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a fabulous private indoor pool, making for a lovely getaway destination.

5. Boulder Bear Lodge

The last amazing lodge fitted with a swimming pool in this list is this amazing cabin that can host a maximum of ten people. The cabin comes with free parking space and is near McGhee Tyson Airport.

Fitted with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, that all have a hot tub and shower. Some of the amazing amenities you can enjoy during your stay are the theatre room, a pool table, and of course, the swimming pool.

Winding It Up

If you intend to visit Gatlinburg for a short stay, a cabin would be great to choose as your accommodation option. You are sure to find all the amenities you could possibly need and, most importantly, enjoy your privacy among the group you choose to travel with.

Consider any of the Gatlinburg cabins with pools listed above for a wonderful vacation experience in the area.

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