5 Free Courses To Learn Web Development

Web development has become a very sought-after skill in today’s workforce, as the demand for more technology-savvy people continues to grow. But with so many different languages available, it can be difficult to know where to get started.

This post will give you an introduction and overview of 5 free courses that can help you learn web development.

JavaScript Fundamentals

The most popular language on the internet, JavaScript has become a must-have skill for web developers. If you have JavaScript experience, you will have a competitive edge in the job market and will be more marketable as a developer. Learning JavaScript can also help you improve your problem-solving skills.

Start by learning the basics, like variables and expressions, which are essential for coding any sort of application. You can learn more about these topics in this course:

Intro to Node JS & Express

Node JS is one of the most popular frameworks for server-side development, and learning it is a great way to expand your web development skills. Becoming proficient in Node JS will allow you to do more with your web applications and create faster more efficient websites.

Learn what Node JS is, as well as how to use it to build servers and work with Express.js. Then, move on to more advanced topics like serverless architecture with AWS Lambda and Paragon and express-session for persistent data storage. There are also expert reviews for Node JS tutorials, if you want to learn more about these subjects:

Learn HTML & CSS

HTML and CSS are essential skills for any kind of web development. They will help you create clean, organized websites that function well across various platforms. By utilizing these two languages to improve the appearance and formatting of your website, you can make it more appealing to users.

HTML is used to describe the content of your site, while CSS helps control the display of that content. This course is a great introduction to both languages:


Codecademy is a free platform that helps you learn how to code by having you actually write the code yourself. It is one of the most popular ways to learn how to code and has been used by over 15 million people. The language-specific lessons are interactive, and you code in real-time as you go. For essay writing guidelines, the Hq-Essay writing service will help.

Learning on Codecademy is a great way to get started and can help you fill in any gaps in your knowledge of web development skills. Codecademy offers free lifetime access, so you can always come back later to brush up on a specific topic or language.

Udacity CS101: Introduction to Computer Science

Udacity is another popular platform for learning how to code. In this course, you will learn the basics of computer science, programming, and algorithms by solving real-world problems. You will also work with real-world datasets, which are useful in their own right and will make you more marketable as a developer.

If you want to learn about computer science or want to get started in web development, this course can help you put your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to work. In just 3 months’ time, you will be ready to create interactive websites that respond to user input:

Congratulations! As you can see, there are plenty of free ways that you can learn web development at Khan Academy. Start with JavaScript fundamentals or get started with a skill-specific path by learning HTML and CSS.

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