5 Factors that Affect Bitcoin Value

Any of us can miss the trade of our lives by not knowing where to buy cryptocurrency by SoFi. If you need a clearer understanding of the influences over bitcoin, however, consider the following for starters.


The most inexperienced investors enter the market with confidence about their trades. Professionals do too. Speculation occurs when investors operate on a hunch, knowing they can still be wrong. When an entire market is moved by speculation, you can expect volatility. The embolden stance of traders can cause drastic price changes. Consider it as speculation moving the market if prices have shifted drastically. Speculation moves the market because it’s how much money investors see themselves making.


Fear comes in two recurring ways within financial markets. It leads investors to panic for starters, which causes traders to end up losing what started as winning positions. Fear also tempts many into bad trades in fear of missing a good one. Investors who quickly end in a margin call might be pushed by fear into more debt. It can be difficult to stop destructive behaviors when you’re in the midst of losing it all. Ask yourself about the sentiment of the bitcoin market to first conclude who’s being fearful.


A common mistake traders make occurs when they’re winning but just aren’t satisfied with it. Pushing a large win into an enormous one usually doesn’t work. Investors have to be patient with how the market releases its wins to them. If you try to take too much in too little time, you’re more likely to take bad trades you can’t get out of. As a trader, you can take advantage of the greed of others however. Just recall that most tend to fear missing out while being driven by greed at the prospect of more.

News Trends

Though the best financial news is fundamental data, public sentiment is largely based on evening-news trends. Look for big announcements aligned with the economic calendar. If financial outlets are all covering the same thing, then ask about how viewers are receiving that information. Your goal shouldn’t be about cashing in on their behaviors. Sudden news is volatile, so your goal should be to make sure that your funds are protected as news moves. Keep track of major news to know when to get in and out of your positions.

Market Influencers

Unknowingly to some retail traders, the big rallies we encounter aren’t always millions of individuals with the same order type. Oftentimes, it’s a handful of very wealthy people or agencies finally content to buy and sell. The sheer amount they buy or sell at one time causes ripples that everyone in the market is intrigued by. Be aware of how the market can shift and whether or not it was caused by a single investor like you.

Forming your next trade begins with knowing what’s influencing the current market. Keep the above topics in mind as you work to find the pulse of our bitcoin economy.

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