5 Essential Oils for Sleeping Better

Understanding how to sleep better can be beneficial for your overall wellbeing, improve your focus, and help you achieve a better sense of balance overall. Some elements of sleep and how to sleep better are based on common sense.

This can include anything from investing in certain sleep tools proven to help with sleep, including weighted blankets, or the most comfortable mattress you can find on the market, to more natural remedies for sleep.

While doing your research when it comes to your actual sleep setup, including weighted blankets and the best mattresses, is important, alternate techniques to sleeping better can also help with the quality of your sleep.

The power of scent in calming your mind

Scent is actually more powerful than our other senses when it comes to evoking emotion in the brain. Weighted blankets, for example, invoke our sense of touch, and evoke feelings of being swaddled or held closely. This is due to the fact all of our other senses first relay information to a part of the brain known as the thalamus, which then relays this information back to us. Scent doesn’t require a translator, so to speak, making ita really potent tool when it comes to memory.

Recent studies have revealed aromatherapy’s usefulness in promoting better sleep, stress relief, and mood regulation. Using this knowledge to your advantage can be helpful when trying to figure out how to sleep better – this includes using tools like weighted blankets in conjunction with essential oils to get better sleep.

The benefits of using natural remedies for better sleep

It can be tempting to resort to medication when you find yourself struggling with sleep. While this may be the right thing for those who’ve tried alternate methods first, your first port of call should try to be inducing sleep in a way that is natural and doesn’t directly interfere with your sleep cycles in the way medication can.

One of the most obvious and natural ways in which you can enhance the quality of your sleep is by investing in the right tools for your rest. The best mattress for your sleep is one that provides a good level of comfort, as well as support so that your pressure points aren’t unnecessarily strained while you’re resting. Weighted blankets can also be a natural way of inducing long and uninterrupted sleep since they evoke deep comfort and security in their users.

While we’ll get into some of the more direct ways in which you can invest in naturally boosting your sleep, it’s time to move on to exactly how essential oils can be used to help with your sleep cycles.

One 2017 study found that certain essential oils significantly impacted overall sleep quality and even general quality of life. Blends of scents seemed to have more effect than a single oil. These oils didn’t just impact general sleep, but also stress and anxiety levels, which are understandable given that a main reason for sleep deprivation lies in the inability to manage stress effectively. Without further ado, here are five essential oils for improved sleep.

5 essential oils for sleeping well

The following oils can be used in a myriad of ways to ensure they’re having proper effect while you’re trying to get to sleep. Diffusers have become a popular way to disperse scent uniformly in your room, but adding them to your shower, adding it to a mist, or even lightly scenting your mattress with it, can all work too.

#1 Lavender

Lavender is most popularly known to help with sleep and a great starting point for those looking to get sleep better with essential oils. The reason for this is that lavender has been shown to have anxiety-reducing effects, and can additionally help with pain relief.

#2 Rose

The floral scent of rose can produce similarly calming emotions, priming your body for a good night’s rest, and ensuring you’re able to sleep better.

#3 Vanilla

Vanilla’s sweet scent has been shown to work against hyperactivity and restlessness and evokes the same feel-good feelings those cookies from your childhood might have. Well worth a try for better sleep, even if you’re sure you have the best mattress for the job.

#4 Sandalwood

The more grounding scent of sandalwood had older traditions in anxiety relief. If you find some of the sweeter scents on this list difficult to rest to, this may be the solution. In a way not dissimilar to weighted blankets, sandalwood is also able to keep you grounded, restoring a sense of security.

#5 Jasmine

Another floral scent, jasmine has been shown to reduce restless sleeping and anxiety levels in those seeking better sleep.

Other tools to help you get to sleep quicker

Understanding how to sleep better comes with time and practice, but that’s not to say there aren’t ways you can work to improve it naturally.

Investing in the best mattress you can for your sleep can make a world of difference in the way you structure your sleep. Memory foam mattresses tend to be a popular choice for those who struggle with a lack of sleep. They’re the best mattresses for those looking to invest in something long-lasting, but versatile enough to support a variety of sleep positions and styles.

The best mattresses made of memory foam will also tend to be made of material with ease of clean and longevity in mind, making it easier to maintain, and leave you with the important work of prioritizing your rest.

Even the best mattress can be made better with the help of weighted blankets, which have been shown consistently to help with anxiety management and generally improve sleep quality. Weighted blankets should weigh about 10% of your body weight, so don’t make the mistake of springing for something that’s too heavy, or you’ll end up struggling to get to bed anyhow.

Natural sleep remedies should really be your first port of call when you find yourself struggling with a lack of sleep. Using tools such as the best mattress for your rest, or weighted blankets, can both help with improving your sleep, but can be expensive investments. Aromatherapy is always best used in conjunction with these tools, but they’re worth a try regardless.

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