5 Characteristics Of A Classic Chess Set

Chess is considered an intellectual game and can seem intimidating for those who have never played. You must learn each piece in the game and its explicit restrictions to strategize a victory over your opponent. Chess isn’t difficult; it’s a game of skill but that skill must be learned. Anyone can enjoy the noble game of chess with minimal effort and the best way to learn is with a classic chess set. Chess can be a fun pass time for family and friends or a more serious venture for avid players. Either way, every chess aficionado should have a classic chess set.

There are thousands of chess sets on the market and choosing the right one for your collection can affect your play enjoyment. It’s best to look for the five major characteristics of a classic chess set to ensure a fun and rewarding experience with every play.

A Classic Chess Set is Typically Made of Wood

There are lots of choices out there, but a genuine classic chess set is typically made of wood. This replicates the ancient chess sets used by noble aristocrats in Europe and Asia where it all started. A classic chess set made of wood can cost hundreds of dollars, but it doesn’t have to. A typical 15” x 8” classic chess set with gorgeous inlaid walnut will provide hours of play and stand up to the everyday transport of young players on the go.

Look for a Foldable Classic Chess Set

One of the best qualities of a wooden classic chess set is that it is foldable for easy transport. It can be simply tucked into a bag for tournament play or a friendly game at the neighbor’s house. The wood is durable, and its beauty doesn’t age with time. It’s hard encasement also offers valid protection for the precious cargo inside. It weighs just over two pounds and folds to a novel 4” width for a solid value.

Felt Interior Protects Classic Staunton Pieces

It’s always best to check the interior of a classic chess set that folds up. You want to be sure that the pieces aren’t just thrown in there to jolt around getting chipped and cracked. Cheaply made sets are like that. The Regal Games classic chess set offers a nice felt interior with individual placement for each piece. It keeps them in position, protected, and accounted for when not in play.

Extra Queens Make Chess More Fun

It is perfectly legal to have two Queens in play simultaneously and it just so happens that the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. While many classic chess sets come with the standard 32 pieces which offer a single Queen for each side, the Regal Games classic chess set comes with 34 pieces including two extra Queens. This allows players to put two Queens in play without having to turn a Rook upside down.

A Classic Chess Set Can Provide Hours of Fun

Finding the right classic chess set for your family or the avid chess player in your life is easy when you look for the right characteristics. Rather than opting for a tiny foldable chess set, look for a durable wooden classic chess set that will provide hours of skill building fun. The best classic chess sets are foldable with a soft felt interior to stash the pieces inside and they come with two extra Queens for strategic play. They’ll be easy to transport, beautiful, and addictively fun!

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