4anime: Alternatives to Watch Free Anime 2023

4Anime was among the most prominently used illegal streaming sites. The website made an unexpected announcement about its closure yesterday but did not provide any further reason.

What exactly is 4Anime?

4Anime is a website that allows users to watch anime episodes for free, very much like 9anime. To gain access to the streams, you are not required to provide any personal information or make any kind of financial contribution. The browsing experience does not cost anything. You are free to view cartoons or anime of any quality that you like. The fact that 4Anime has protected servers, and your data is, as a result, safe with the website, is easily the most exciting aspect of this service. Aside from that, ad-free streaming enables users to access content without being distracted by unwanted advertisements.

What are some of the benefits of streaming on 4Anime?

According to my research, 4Anime is without a doubt one of the best ten websites that stream anime online. If you’re curious as to why I made such a bold remark, I’ve outlined a few of the many crucial factors that support my claim in the following paragraphs.

Great design

The visual presentation of 4Anime is surprisingly uncluttered. The contrast of the website is enhanced by the use of a dark theme followed by colorful vertical thumbnails. The usage of grey color in the background, together with flat logos and layouts, contributes significantly to the website’s ability to stand out. The beauty continues on the interior pages as well. Because the background is transparent, you will always be able to see the homepage, even when you are on a different page entirely. That is a cutting-edge feature, and it’s something you’ll only find on a select few websites.

Intuitive user interface

Following in the footsteps of the website’s stunning design is an uncluttered user interface. A pleasant experience may be had while streaming thanks to the menus, fonts, categories, and a variety of other components. A user’s experience with the website’s user interface is what keeps them coming back for more. When you’re looking for your new favorite anime, 4Anime grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go. Finding a piece of content is a painless process, and the final product is of such high quality that you may find yourself thinking of this streaming service as a premium television network.

A Quick Overview of 4Anime

Anime of a very high quality

4anime is not a site that hosts images of poor quality or videos that are interrupted due to lagging. Our website offers only English subtitling and dubbing of the highest possible quality, delivering a genuine sense of satisfaction to your emotions.

Reduce the amount of time needed for downloads

It will not be necessary for you to waste time downloading anime to view at a later time. That period is now history! Simply use your web browser to 4anime.city to view your most beloved anime series free of charge.

Save your entertainment costs

We are all aware of the high prices charged by streaming services such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, and others. You will not be charged anything if you want to watch free anime on our website.

Unrestricted access to the anime that you enjoy the most

You are free to view any anime you want, whenever you want, regardless of the title. Isn’t it a much better option to pay for particular animes that you appreciate as opposed to having limitless access to free internet anime that you can view whenever you want?

How to access 4Anime?

There are primarily two paths that can be taken to reach the website. The first thing you should do is look up “4Anime” on your preferred internet search engine. The website will most likely be located on the first page of the search results that are displayed. You may also choose to use the URL provided below to gain immediate access to the website: 4Anime. Below are the features and functionalities of 4Anime which makes it one of the most visited anime streaming websites on a global level.


If you’ve been reading my reviews for any length of time, you probably already know that I’m a big admirer of darker themes. The black background allows the various items on the page to stand out much more than they would otherwise. When designing a website devoted to anime, the primary focus must be placed on the thumbnails, and a dark background helps accomplish this objective. After providing you with that nugget of wisdom, I’d want to walk you through the design approach that was taken with the various parts of this website.


The header portion is uncomplicated and visually appealing. A white font is used on a black background in this image. On the left-hand side of the screen are four primary navigation options: Browse, Random, Genre, and Schedule. A search bar on the right side, followed by a symbol for Discord and a login window. This has been, up to this point, one of the header sections that has had the best design among all of them. As opposed to what we saw on AnimeLab, the hero section does not feature a banner. It jumps right into the thumbnails as the first step. In each row, there are a total of eight vertical banners. In addition, there are just two sections visible on the homepage: “Recently added” and “Popular This Week.” There are seven different choices available, in addition to a slider button. You can browse through the other banners by clicking on them.


Vertical banners are often displayed in the body portion of the other websites; however, this is not the case on the 4Anime website. It only consists of some supplementary text and then a button labeled “Random.” By clicking on this button, the website will provide you with a recommendation for an anime series that it thinks you should watch at random. This one little change can be a tremendous help if you’re having trouble deciding what to watch because there are so many options.


On the left side of the footer portion of the website are seven different options. These options are as follows: News, Frequently Asked Questions, Reddit, Donate, Privacy, Password, and Hall of Fame. On the right side of the screen, you will see two options labeled Random and A&M.

Inner Pages

It turns out that the inner pages have the most elegantly created layouts of all pages on the website. Because there is just the right amount of transparency, you can view the webpage in the background. That’s truly an interesting concept. On each of the inner pages, there is a thumbnail, a title, a genre, a synopsis, and a list of episodes. Aside from that, you have the option of bookmarking and changing the color if you’ve seen a specific series already if you want to.


4Anime gives you access to a vast content library that contains more than two thousand anime. You won’t experience any buffering even when watching the vast majority of the content in standard or high-definition quality. You can watch iconic anime like “Dragon Ball,” “Pokémon,” “Death Note,” “One Piece,” and “Naruto Shippuden” because of the extensive content catalog. You may also watch the most recent episodes of ongoing shows such as “Darwin’s Game,” “Ishuzoku Reviewers,” “Boku No Hero Academia,” and “Kimetsu No Yaiba.”

Desktop/Mobile experience

There are no interruptions to the broadcast, unwanted pop-ups, or disruptive advertisements. Simply unadulterated delight when streaming. Both the video player and the specific streaming page that you linked to are quite well constructed. You may see a list of all of the episodes from that series just below the player on your screen. You also have access to four other options, which are Report, Focus, Download, and Resize, located directly above the list. You are free to utilize the download feature in case you wish to watch the episode while you are not connected to the internet.

You are given the ability to tinker with the settings in 4Anime. These include altering the color of the episodes that have already been viewed, concealing the video player controller, switching from widgets to JW Player, concealing the episodes list from beneath the player, and displaying the Discus comments after the page has loaded. All of these teeny, little customization options make the overall streaming experience that much more enjoyable. This streaming website helps solidify its position as one of the greatest in the world of anime thanks to the availability of such a customizable option.

4Aniem Alternatives

Why users are finding Alternatives for 4Anime?

It is interesting to note that this judgment was made not long after 4anime was the subject of a subpoena issued by a federal court in the United States. The popularity of anime continues to grow. In the beginning, this was primarily confined to Japan, but these days, it has become a phenomenon that occurs all over the world. Part of the reason for its widespread popularity is that it was made possible by piracy. The term “anime” was mentioned on some of the earliest torrent sites; however, this specific market is now served by specialized websites that stream pirated content online. The success of these sites, some of which have millions of users, has not been lost on the owners of the rights to the content on these sites. The anti-piracy coalition ACE was responsible for seizing several anime domains the year before. Shortly after that, the websites KissAnime.ru and KissManga.com were forcibly pulled offline. When huge pirate sites are taken offline, other websites typically spring up to quickly fill the hole. This included the website 4anime.to, which in the past had helped displaced users from other sites. This contributed to the growth of the platform, but it also made the website a target. In Australia, 4anime was included in a site-blocking application a few months ago, along with other notable pirate sites. However, this did not prevent the site from operating; rather, something that occurred more recently did.


MyAnimeList is one of the top websites that compete with 4Anime since it not only streams anime content, mainly movies but also makes announcements about the release dates of new episodes. As a result, it is rated as one of the top 4anime alternatives. They have a lot of collections. It’s safe to assume that they have nearly all the anime movies you could ask for. The following are some of the most prominent aspects of this service:

  • You can obtain timetables or notices regarding the forthcoming release.
  • You can also search for movie cuts that were done by the characters in the film.
  • You have the opportunity to see recordings that are only available for a limited time and may not be available elsewhere.
  • The level of craftsmanship displayed in each film is, without a doubt, remarkable. They are stunning, featuring images that are both detailed and clear.

You won’t be sorry that you visited this website and looked around at everything it has to offer. MyAnimeList.net is the website you should go to.


Like several alternatives, Anime Frenzy is focused on the pleasure of anime streaming. And it is included in lists of the best sites like 4anime because it offers loads of helpful features, as well as enjoyable features that will keep you engaged for many years to come. This is why it is featured on these lists. You can access the service not just on a desktop or laptop computer, but also on a mobile device, such as a smartphone. You can watch your favorite anime even when you’re on the go, its true! You may rest assured that you won’t run into any difficulties or problems while looking for the most recent and cutting-edge release.

Simply go to the website and either use the links that are provided or do your search to find what you need. Every single one of them is simple! You may access a variety of parts or categories on their website, which will make it even simpler for you to search. These sections and categories are organized according to the available different types of anime. There are also cartoons and other forms of entertainment. The website address, which you should go to, is animefrenzy.net.


Tubi has, ever since it first came into being, functioned primarily as a website for broadcasting Japanese content entertainment shows. From this website, you should be able to stream anime movies, television shows, and even blockbuster anime films. The straightforward search functionality is among the most appealing aspects of this service. The design of the website is clean and uncomplicated, and the layout is striking. It’s as easy as searching for the movies or series you want to watch, and you don’t need any special training to do it. This site is one of the greatest alternatives to 4anime, and it is compatible with mobile devices such as the iPhone and the Android. It indicates that you can take pleasure in your preferred activity while you are on the move. You should make sure that you will only obtain the most recent and up-to-date version. You are going to remain current and won’t ever miss a performance! If you want to access the website and take advantage of everything it has to offer, go to tubitv.com.


If you are looking for vintage anime titles or if you want to view the most popular ones (such as One Piece or Dragon Ball), Soul Anime would be your new best friend. [Case in point:] This is the kind of website that will keep you informed about the most recent release while also entertaining you with tried-and-true options based on your preferences. You won’t have any trouble getting into the collections even though the website you’re using is comparable to 4anime’s top ones. They have a huge number of collections, all of which have been arranged neatly under distinct categories. You will also find a search bar, which will make it simple for you to locate the movies and series that are among your favorites. There is no need to be concerned about the quality either because they unquestionably have the very best!


When we discuss the most well-known websites devoted to anime, we will invariably bring up AnimeFreak at some point throughout the conversation. The reason for this is that they offer such a desirable combination of extensive collections, photographs of high quality, and user-friendly operation. It makes no difference if you understand Japanese or not because their content can be obtained in the dubbed or sub-titrated form. The vast majority of them are going to come with subtitles, while others will be dubbed. Although there are advertisements on the website, the service is free of charge. However, there won’t be an excessive amount of advertisements, so it won’t get to the point where it’s irritating.


This website is not very well known, but if you are seeking a fantastic alternative to the greatest sites like 4anime, then you should add this one to your list of potential options. TinyZone provides not only its website but also its very own software, which can be downloaded by users to facilitate improved and more convenient viewing. Because the service is provided at no cost, there is no requirement to make any kind of payment. The website, however, does not offer extensive collections like the others have because it is relatively new to the business. Their collections aren’t nearly as extensive as those of some of the world’s most well-known brands, while they aren’t nearly as limited in scope either. But if you anticipate having access to an endless library, you’ll be disappointed. The quality is outstanding and virtually faultless. You ought to have trouble-free access to streaming all of your preferred material. You too can participate in the activity if you are willing to download the necessary software. But even if you don’t, you can still utilize the website in any way you see fit. It shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Another one of the greatest online streaming sites for anime, this one allows you to effortlessly watch all of your favorite series from any location in the world. You should be able to access the website and have a look around as long as your internet connection is strong and consistent. If this is not the case, try again later. Many people have commented that the lag-free technique contributes to the exceptional quality of the streamed content. Simply adjust the quality of the stream to correspond with the bandwidth available to you. You may even have a cap placed on it and turn it on! The service is provided at no cost and boasts an excellent operating and mechanism system. The collections are nearly exhaustive and exhaustive in their coverage. You should be able to discover the shows that you are looking for here, whether you are looking for the most recent ones, the most popular ones, or the older ones. One more thing that works in this website’s favor is that it has a dark theme in addition to its straightforward design and user-friendly layout. It is not surprising that it is included on the list of the best sites that are similar to 4anime.


Another alternative to 4anime is the website known as 9Anime. Because they share several characteristics and qualities in common, the majority of anime fans consider them to be a “bundle.” If you like watching 9Anime, you should check out 4Anime, and if you like watching 4Anime, you should check out 9Anime. The same goes for the other way around. Fans of anime can enjoy enjoyable content from either one of these options. Because of this, 9anime is regarded as a respectable alternative and one of the top sites that are similar to 4anime. If you look at the website, you will see that the layout is clean and uncomplicated. You will see this when you check it out. Unfortunately, they have so many advertisements to choose from. The website will appear cluttered and unpleasant as a result of this. When you click on a link, you will experience the same thing as well. You will have to deal with advertisements, and you will need to click on a few other things before you will eventually be able to view the episode. On the other hand, the quality of every one of 9anime’s materials is high. They are vivid, clear, and distinct in appearance. When it comes to collections, they also have some of their very own that is rather spectacular. They indeed have certain shortcomings, but when considering all of the positive aspects, it is worth looking into.


Crunchyroll is one of the most popular online streaming sites for Japanese animation, manga, and Korean drama. The website has amassed an impressive number of over two million subscribers in a short length of time. Crunchyroll started as a site where fans could upload fansubs, but it has now grown into a highly popular community. In 2006, a group of individuals who were enrolled in graduate school at Berkeley established Crunchyroll. Over several years, they have never stopped growing their company and accumulating further outside backing. Crunchyroll is currently supporting Crunchyroll Games, Crunchyroll News, and Crunchyroll Expo in addition to hosting a significant number of fan-favorite anime titles online. As a result of a fruitful collaboration between the two companies, Crunchyroll and Funimation members will soon be able to stream individual titles from the collection of the other company. The home page of Crunchyroll is not very spectacular considering the size of the firm. The presentation is not attractive to the eye.

Orange is used for the color scheme, which is one of the few positive aspects of the design, but that’s about it for the highlights. The Crunchyroll logo, which consists of the website’s name written in orange lettering, can be found in the top menu. In front of the name of the website is an abstract design and orange. After that, it asks members to open their queue, and then it presents a randomizer button to them. In conclusion, the search bar can be found to the right of this menu. A large advertisement for one of the featured shows is located underneath the first option. The location does not cause any inconvenience. Even though the advertisement isn’t upsetting, it certainly stands out against the rest of the page. The background of the website seems like it was taken from one of those old Xanga blogs from the early 2000s.

The positioning is atrocious. As you scroll farther down, a supplementary menu will become visible. The selections for Anime and Drama are presented on a separate menu to the right. This execution is a mess, even though menus and categories typically create the impression of the organization. The unpleasant predicament in the background brings up further concerns. The scroll feature is not very good, but when combined with the wallpaper design, it is enough to give someone a headache. This vexing issue is not at all user-friendly, especially for a streaming website that is at the top of its game. Crunchyroll provides access to a vast amount of content. They contribute a considerable number of animations in addition to manga and Korean drama productions. They are well recognized for the anime content they produce, although they have also covered certain gaming and news-related topics. Crunchyroll is known for having one of the most diverse collections of anime on the internet. You will not be able to locate many of these anime anywhere else but on their website. In addition to having authors on staff, the website uses a Google Docs form to collect user contributions. There is a significant presence of guest posts on the site. The articles that make up the news are brought up to date daily.

The quality of the desktop website does not live up to the reputation of the organization. The navigation isn’t terrible by any means, but it isn’t exactly top-notch, either. Because there are so many menus to choose from, this becomes a difficult and time-consuming procedure. On the other hand, being able to play back videos is not a difficult task. Video and audio qualities are fair. The quality of the service is enhanced if you upgrade to the premium membership. When opposed to using the desktop version, the mobile app is like using a completely different platform. In comparison to the desktop version, the top and bottom menus don’t feel quite as overpowering. When you click on a show, you are presented with enticing information such as its description, genre, and more. If you do not wish to begin with the first episode, you can scroll down and choose an episode at any point in the series.

Once you start the video and push play, members who have a free membership will be paid for watching an advertisement. The gameplay experience on mobile is pleasant. To be on par with its mobile equivalent, the website needs a comprehensive makeover. In places where the desktop version falls short, the mobile edition more than makes up for it. The application’s user interface is both straightforward and pleasing to the eye, making it incredibly easy to use. It’s sleek and modern. Crunchyroll has unique and intriguing titles unavailable elsewhere. Demon High! Iruma-Kun is one of their many unique titles. Funimation and Hulu don’t have this title or a few others. Crunchyroll News is a website feature. Many anime streaming services offer user forums, but the news is a wonderful addition. Guest posters help keep the website current and user-friendly. Crunchyroll’s games are an often-overlooked feature. They offer anime-themed games.

Both Google Play and Apple sell them. It’s cool that you can interact with your favorite characters virtually. Crunchyroll doesn’t live up to its reputation. The website’s design isn’t user-friendly. Repulsive background patterns. If photos were placed properly, these difficulties wouldn’t be as bad. Even if the photos were positioned appropriately, slicing up six photos and pasting them together isn’t the best website structure. If the photos rotate, keep an eye on them. Variety is another key component. Excessive menu options distract viewers. Concentrating on major and secondary possibilities simultaneously is difficult. Only the search bar’s accessibility is positive.

Desktop website design needs the greatest work. This large company has a reliable website but struggles with mobile apps. Crunchyroll is the opposite. You must immediately fix the backdrop graphics. Choosing a centered backdrop may improve the look. Patterns are fine, as are lengthier anime panels. Menus are difficult to read because the font size is consistent. Rearranging things is the best solution. The secondary menu could be placed behind the main menu to minimize confusion. The secondary menu is in the page’s center, above the anime list. Consolidating menus would be the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the problem with 4Anime?

As you are probably aware, anime is a type of animation popular in Japan that consists of short cartoons. Anime has gained widespread popularity across the globe as a direct result of the marketing efforts of Japanese media outlets including newspapers and television. This innovator of creativity chose popular comics, games, and light novels as the source material for the outstanding animes that are being produced today. 4anime offers a wide variety of anime series that can be streamed online. These anime are appropriate for viewers of all ages and genders. One of the various subjects that you can choose from is adult hentai.

Why does 4Anime have such a strong following among anime fans?

We subscribe to the philosophy that “pleasure is only genuine when it is shared,” and in addition to this, we believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to experience happiness at no cost. Because of this, we do not require any payment from you for you to use our services. In addition to this fact, the fact that 4Anime offers a diverse selection of anime genres, from which users may select based on their tastes, is another reason why the website is gaining an increasing amount of popularity. With 4Anime, you can view anime regardless of where you are and avoid having the content censored.

The fact that 4anime is updated every day makes it the top anime website.

As a result of the large number of people from all over the world who use 4Anime to watch anime online, we put in a lot of effort to ensure that our anime database is always up to date to fulfill the requirements of our users. We make sure that the English sub & dub department works as quickly as it can to upload anime episodes to the internet as quickly as possible because there are so many anime episodes that are published each day.

Why can’t I access 4anime, and is the website going out of business?

The majority of websites that allow you to watch anime for free eventually become inaccessible due to issues outside of their control. Page 4anime.to is unable to find a solution to this problem at this time. The first iteration of 4anime.to, which we had previously launched, is no longer accessible to users. We’ve developed a brand new one for this new domain specifically for all of the anime fans out there, so check it out!

Is the website 4anime the greatest one for anime?

4Anime is our newest official website, and much of the same wonderful content can be found on it as can be found on AnimeFLV or 9Anime. It has been remarked that our anime database is the most entertaining thing to be found on the internet. No matter if you’re looking for a well-known or obscure anime, you can count on us to help you find it.

Is the usage of 4anime permitted by law?

In theory, people in the United States are free to watch anime videos at four in the afternoon. Currently, it is not a violation of the standards to watch anime or other forms of media that are protected by intellectual property laws. Copyright attorneys have confirmed that you may be subject to criminal or civil prosecution if it is discovered that you have downloaded and distributed materials without permission. As a consequence of this, we strongly advise that you view our movies exclusively through our website for your safety.

Is there a 4anime app for either the iOS or Android operating systems?

At this time, there is neither an Android application nor an iOS application for 4Anime. Any mobile application that purports to be produced by 4anime is FAKE.

Where can I find the authentic 4Anime website?

The most up-to-date website that we know of at this time is 4Anime.is. Please take note of this, since every other website that is trying to profit off of our brand is fake. Please refer to the features that we have listed below if you are still uncertain about whether or not the website that you are currently viewing is an official 4Anime site. These are the services that we provide, and it is quite improbable that other bogus websites will be able to offer the same.

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