4 Yoga Postures to Try For Beginners

If you are new to yoga there’s nothing to be intimidated about. Even if those 300 postures may look like it’s difficult to process in the head, there are some postures that are ideal and essential for beginners. Consider these selected few:

  1. Tree Pose

Targeting to stretch the thighs, torse, groins and shoulder area, the tree pose gives your legs a sense of balance and stability. When you place your right foot up on your left thigh just below your groin area with your palms brought together above your head and pointing towards the sun, like a tree, you’re not only making sure the spine is held straight while taking a few deep breaths but also the ligaments and tendon of the feet are strengthened. Also slowly bringing your hands down and releasing your right leg, you’re supposed to repeat the same with the other leg.

  1. Child’s Pose

This deeply calming pose that you plan to try at the gyms near me helps you to just let go and surrender. As you bring your head down on the mat, eyes closed, it stirs an instant calming and soothing effect for the brain. When you press your thighs against your chest and breathe lightly, your full body replenishes vitality, mentally, physically and emotionally reducing all the pent up stress and frustration you go through. Also, doing this repeatedly will be great for your internal organs to help your digestion move smoothly.

  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose has a wealth of benefits because of the good blood it can bring to all of your muscles and most importantly  to the brain. While you press your hands firmly into the mat, with your legs equally stretched and raising your hip area upwards will leave you feeling energized. When the spine is also stretched from head to toes, it feels therapeutic because your body is healing on so many levels  only to become longer, taller, stronger, and more flexible.

  1. Cobra Pose

Also known as the “heart-opening” posture, this pose is great for women.  The pose expects you to lie on the floor to stretch your legs back with your hands spread on the floor below the shoulders. As you take the chest off the floor slowly, head raising like a cobra, you lift the torso area until the navel. Proper posture improves mood, menstrual irregularities, toning the buttocks area, refreshing the heart as well as soothing symptoms of asthma.





















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