4 Ways to Reduce Fleet Accidents

In the US, it’s a legal requirement for all motorists to follow the duty of care when involved in an accident, meaning that you can’t simply walk away and must take any action that is necessary to secure the health, safety, and lives of anybody affected. It also means that as a driver, it’s important to take reasonable care when driving to protect your own safety and the safety of others.

Truck drivers are held to even higher standards, as trucks are not only harder to maneuver but also pose a greater risk to other road users. Because of this, fleet managers and drivers need to be constantly committed to reducing accidents and improving safety on the roads. Learn more about Ways to Reduce Fleet Accidents at www.auto24insurance24online.com

Fleet Technology

There are lots of different advanced driver assistance systems these days, offering a range of features to help fleet drivers stay safe on the road and improve the safety of those around them. Some of the most popular features include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, traction control, traffic signals recognition, anti-lock brakes, a high beam safety system and more. Along with this, there are additional technologies that can be added to vehicles such as dash cams to improve safety even further and get footage of any incidents that do occur.

Defensive Driving Training

A comprehensive, consistent driver training program should be a key part of fleet safety management. Training should be personalized according to the needs and requirements of each driver, with the main aims of increasing driver confidence, aptitude, readiness, and road responsiveness and awareness. Defensive driving courses such as those from Driver Dynamics are an ideal choice when it comes to providing driver education on safety procedures, traffic laws, and driving strategies for increased safety on the road.

Safe Driving Rewards and Incentives

Rewards programs and incentives for drivers will help to keep safety at the forefront of drivers’ minds when on the road. There are lots of things that fleet managers can do to reward safe and defensive driving techniques, and thanks to telematics technology and dash cams, it’s easier than ever to see which drivers are taking active steps to be safer on the road and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Many fleets offer monetary rewards such as bonuses, or other rewards like added paid vacation time to incentivise drivers to take a more dedicated approach to safety.

Manage Driver Behavior

Using telematics, you can help support driver performance and get a better idea of what might be causing drivers to slack in terms of safety. For example, driving for too long can lead to tiredness and fatigue, which may cause drivers to make rasher decisions on the road. Telematics can help to track events like speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, not wearing a safety belt, and more, allowing you to better determine which drivers may need support or additional training in certain areas.

Fleet managers, particularly those who manage truck fleets, should prioritize fleet driver safety and improving driving strategies, techniques, and knowledge to reduce accidents on the road.

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