4 Tips to Decrease Cart Abandonment on a WordPress Website


E-commerce websites guarantee a high ROI and profitability. However, the major challenge for e-commerce owners is gaining more traffic. Moreover, most online shopping websites also have to deal with the issue of cart abandonment. According to a study, 77% of shoppers abandon their cart due to various reasons. It will surely impact the business revenue.

Therefore, it is important for you to tackle the issue right from the beginning. Of course, you want your esteemed customers to complete their shopping and visit the website again. However, you can reduce cart abandonment on the WordPress website. All you have to do is follow a few simple tips and tricks. But before we go into the details, let’s analyze why users abandon their carts.

  • The first and foremost reason for cart abandonment is slow loading pages, which accounts for 75% of people leaving their cart.
  • Some users abandon the cart without any proper intention as they don’t intend to buy anything.
  • 55% of users think that the e-commerce website is charging additional shipping fees.
  • Some customers do not want to go through the complex account set-up process.
  • 26% leave the cart because of the long and complex check-out process.
  • 6% of people abandon the cart as they do not find their preferred payment option.
  • Website crashes or errors in the account also result in cart abandonment.

Most e-commerce web store owners have to deal with the cart abandonment at some point in time. But if you implement the right steps with a viable strategy, you can decrease the percentage to some extent. Let’s get with the steps now-

Improve the Speed of E-Commerce WordPress Website

We have already indicated earlier that 75% of the customers abandon their cart due to the slowness of the e-commerce website. Therefore, you have to ensure to improve the speed of your Website.

So, how can you make your e-commerce platform work faster? The first step that you need to take is choosing a good and reliable web hosting provider. With the enhancement of technology, web hosting providers are offering more features and cost-effective prices.

Another step is using a lightweight WordPress theme or framework. You can even reduce the size of the products. In addition, if you do not have enough bandwidth space, you won’t be able to process your orders properly.

According to a study, top-notch e-commerce company Amazon shall lose $1.6 billion in sales if the page loading takes an additional second.

Simplifying the Process of WordPress Checkout

You are aware that the complex checkout process is one of the key reasons why shoppers abandon your cart. Therefore, you need to simplify the process; fair enough.

The customers leave the website as they have to go through multiple steps before making the final purchase. Therefore, it will be viable to centralize everything into one place. This will allow customers to reduce their valuable time. WordPress provides you with the right tools that help to collect and use important customer information.

The customers also get frustrated over the fact that they have to create a new account during every purchase. But you can remove this step. You can provide your customers with the option of either opening his account or simply checkout without providing any information.

Don’t rush with the process. Allow customers to spend some time on your e-commerce platform. Too many clicks can annoy them. You can ask the WordPress developer to put a progress indicator. It makes it easier for the customers to know which part of the shopping they are into. WordPress e-commerce platforms also offer the benefit of split testing that helps you to improve the shopping experience of the customers.

Keeping a Track of the Analytics

One of the significant steps that you can ensure is paying attention to the metrics. Thankfully, you have the support of powerful tools such as Google Analytics, which helps you gather vital data. It also manages and maintains your e-commerce website as well.

It also keeps you informed regarding how many people visited your site and the number of bounce rates. You also get familiar with what type of content customers prefer. It helps you to determine our consumer behavior along with sales performance.

Pay Attention to Shipping

One of the cart abandonment reasons indicated above is the increased cost of shipping. Yes, many customers pay attention to shipping details while purchasing a product. Thus, you also need to take care as well. It is important to ensure quick delivery and charges minimal cost. You can also offer a free shipping facility as well.

You must be transparent about all the costs that you are charging from the customers. WordPress powered WooCommerce provides you with the advantage of allowing customers to know how much they are paying for the product.


There are some other steps that can help you decrease the rate of cart abandonment for WordPress e-commerce websites. These include optimizing your e-commerce platform, increasing the number of payment options, and more. Thus, try to implement these steps and start viewing the positive results.

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