4 Tips for Staying Independent As You Age

Staying Independent

One of the biggest challenges to aging, especially if you want to age at home, is remaining independent. It can be difficult to maintain your independence as your physical and mental capabilities change. However, there are some subtle changes you can make to your home that can make you more comfortable and ensure that you can live there as long as possible. Staying independent as you age will allow you to feel comfortable, to keep some pride, and to ensure that you have options as the years pass by. You can learn about the health-related problems that anyone can face as their age increases, on this website: https://www.medicare-europe.com

Keep reading to learn my top 4 tips for staying independent as you age.

1. Build An Access Ramp

If you have stairs, then you know how much they can be a struggle, especially if it’s been raining and the ground is slippery. An access ramp opens up some options as you age. You can use a wheelchair if you need to, or a walking frame. It also means that you don’t have to worry about the impact on your joints of going up and down stairs, which can be not only stressful but at times painful.

2. Convert Your Bathroom


Traditional showers and baths can be a struggle, especially if you’re using aids to help you walk around. Converting your bathroom to a walk in shower can be a great way to maintain your independence for longer as you bathe and care for yourself. Age Co Mobility has a number of options to suit most budgets while looking aesthetically pleasing. They even offer a price match guarantee so you can be sure you’re getting the best price available.

3. Don’t Forget About Lighting

One of the things that can make a huge difference when your vision is impaired is lighting. Poor lighting can make it hard to read things, which can impact your quality of life, but it can also lead to accidents or issues if you have a slip or fall because you misjudged the height of something. Focus on lighting in high risk areas such as stairs, bathrooms and wherever you might find obstacles. This is a really simple change that can make a huge difference to your comfort and safety.

4. Embrace Non Slip Grips

Non slip grips are an inexpensive way to transform the safety of your home. I suggest putting them anywhere there’s a risk of slipping such as in your bathroom, shower, entrance points of your home and even by the kitchen sink. Often we accidentally spill water there and it can be a hazard. It can also be difficult to bend over and clean up spills as we age, so the non-slip grip can give you an extra peace of mind.

Maintaining your independence can help you feel happier and more confident as the years pass by. There’s something really comforting about staying in your own home where all your most treasured memories are. I hope these four tips help you maintain your independence as you age and your body changes.

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