4 Tips for Buying Your Next Portable Ultrasound Machine


Portable ultrasound machines are one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in a long time. Ultrasound machines can be used for detailed imaging to see if there is a foreign body or mass inside someone without surgery or other more invasive means. While standard ultrasound machines are too large to carry and move around, portable units give you all the same power and functionality while making them simple to transport. If you’re in the market for a portable unit, then be sure to use these buying tips to help you decide on the right model.

Amount of Usage

Much like with any other medical device, you have to consider how much the machine will be used and if it will be shared between several different staff members. This will help you determine if the unit is rugged enough for your usage. For example, a model intended to be used once a day and another model intended for 10 or more uses a day will have very different price tags.

On top of considering how many people will use it, you should also consider the needs of each person. For example, one staff member might need it for routine scans while another might need it for something highly detailed and specific. This will help you determine the features required for your ultrasound machine.

Clinical Requirements

If money is no issue, then getting the latest, greatest and most robust portable ultrasound machine is obviously the best thing for your practice. Portable ultrasounds are expensive and you have to consider your clinical requirements to ensure you only pay as much as needed.

Consider how the machine will be used and what your clinic actually does with patients. If you can get a less expensive model that still does everything your clinic needs, then that’s better for your bottom line. Some practices may not be able to make this decision, but it’s best if you can to save some money.


Portable ultrasounds are not cheap. You have to consider your budget before you even start looking for these machines. You don’t want to get wrapped up in how great the top models are before you find out that they are too expensive for your budget. Consider a range that you are willing to spend and then start looking for machines within that range. You don’t want to get the cheapest model because it may not be good enough for your clinic, but you also don’t want to get the most expensive if it has features you don’t need.

When deciding on your budget, you should also consider parts, accessories and repairs as well. Many portable ultrasound machines allow you to sign a service contract where you either have all services covered or just parts. Consider these costs before looking for a machine.

Refurbished or Used Models

Many vendors and local clinics have used portable ultrasound machines that they are looking to unload. Often it’s because they just want to upgrade and they don’t need the current unit anymore. You can also look for refurbished models that are nearly as good as new ones, but at a reduced price. Both of these options allow you to save money without sacrificing quality. Be sure to inspect the model, especially in the case of used models. If you’re buying a refurbished one, then make sure a warranty is added in so that you can return it if there are any problems.

If all works out well, then you just saved a good amount of money without getting a lower quality unit. It’s very important that you inspect the unit and do some test runs to ensure everything works as expected since there is a chance the ultrasound might be broken. You might be able to talk the seller into doing repairs if you’re still willing to buy.


Buying a portable ultrasound machine isn’t tough, but it is an expensive machine and you have to be smart while shopping. First consider your needs and how often the machine will be used. You should then consider your budget. Don’t be afraid of looking into used or refurbished models. They are often as good as new ones, but be sure to test them first.

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