4 Things You Need for a Happy and Healthy Feline

Millions of people worldwide keep cats as pets because of how much happiness and company they bring into their lives. However, some obligations accompany owning a cat, such as ensuring they are healthy and happy.

It’s your responsibility as a cat owner to provide your pet with a safe and healthy environment. PetPost has the necessary things to keep your feline happy and healthy, from food and water bowls to toys and grooming tools. We’ll go over the basics of what your cat needs to thrive here so that you can provide a pleasant home for your feline friend.

1. Avoid Overloading Your Cat With Dry Food

Dry cat food is a cost-effective and handy alternative for many pet parents, but avoiding giving your cat too much is crucial.

Dehydration is a real risk when feeding cats dry food due to its low moisture content. Since cats are adapted to absorb water mostly through their diet, feeding them dry food may result in them not drinking enough water. This can cause trouble with your urinary tract and other body parts.

Overfeeding on dry cat food, which is often high in calories and carbohydrates, might cause your cat to develop excess weight. Cats can develop diabetes, musculoskeletal issues, and heart disease if overweight.

2. Physical Exam

An energetic cat is a healthy cat. A yearly physical exam is recommended; senior cats may benefit from two yearly exams. It’s not always simple to tell if a cat is sick because cats are excellent at hiding symptoms.

You may not find out until your cat’s health completely collapses. Finding a remedy may be too late when you know your cat is sick. Thankfully, skin lumps and bumps, eye ailments, ear infections, and kidney and liver illnesses can be detected with thorough physical examinations and blood tests.

3. A Private Toilet Area

To eliminate waste, cats have certain needs. Incorrect toileting and marking behavior might arise without a properly installed litter box.

Each cat in the home needs their private litter box, and the average home needs two. Pick a litter box 1.5 times as long as your cat, and fill it to a depth of about 4cm with fine-grained unscented litter. The litter box should also be placed in a quiet area out of the way of foot traffic.

4. Constantly Supply Potable Water

Cats can’t function properly if they don’t get enough water to drink. In addition to preventing common cat health issues like urinary tract infections and renal disease, keeping your cat well-hydrated helps keep it comfortable and happy. Water is a source of concern for many feline residents.

If you’ve ever caught her drinking from the sink or pawing at her water bowl, your cat probably favors running water to still water. Instinctively most cats lean this way. A pet fountain allows you to provide your cat with the clean moving water she prefers, increasing her water intake and keeping her healthy.

Have the Happiest and Healthiest Cat!

It is essential for both your relationship with your cat and their general well-being to keep your cat happy and healthy. You can guarantee your cat lives a long, happy life by giving them balanced food, sufficient exercise, correct grooming, and regular veterinarian care. A healthy cat and content will be more active and playful and have a higher quality of life overall.

Investing in your cat’s health may also deepen your relationship with your furry friend and save veterinary expenditures. In the end, maintaining the health and happiness of your cat is a joyful experience that benefits you and your feline companion.





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