4 Simple Tricks to Good Sleep

It’s an all too familiar scenario: You want to go to sleep, you are tired, maybe even exhausted and yet still restless in bed. You throw covers off just to pull them back on a moment later. Tossing and turning in search of a magical comfortable position that will send you immediately off to peaceful slumber. But it just isn’t working, no position is comfortable and your mind is racing. Try these 4 easy hacks to get a better sleep – based on 3 principles: temperature, light and state of mind.

Two Sided Sheets

The right temperature is key to a restful, comfortable sleep. The right blanket should keep you cool when you feel too hot but still keep you warm when you are cold. We all tend to get into bed feeling a little cold, pulling the blankets all the way up to snuggle into the warmth. As you sleep your body temperature changes and you warm up causing many of us to toss that blanket off to feel the relief of cool air. Purchase a blanket with two distinct fabric sides, one that is soft and warm to the skin and one that stays cool to the touch. This will be particularly useful during transitional months when it may be too warm to bring out the winter comforter but the nights are getting cooler.

Get an AC Unit

When outside temperature rises beyond comfort levels, a special blanket won’t be enough! A small air conditioner in your bedroom allows you to create a micro climate tailored for sleep. Choose one with a dehumidifier setting to help keep the air dry and comfortable if you live in a humid climate. Whole-home air conditioners, also known as central air, will keep your entire house cooler, but buying the system and having it installed can be pricey. There are window units that are compact and energy efficient and larger portable air conditioners you can move from room to room.

Cover Windows and LED Displays

This simple trick can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. Try to eliminate light leaking into your room from outside and reducing any additional light coming from electronic devices in your room (tvs, clocks, cable box, and yes even the display on your bedroom AC unit). Your body recognizes light as a signal to wake up because it interprets light breaking through the dark as the beginning of the day. Even if you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, avoid turning on bright overhead lights and use a dim or colored, motion sensor night light instead so you don’t break the sleep cycle completely and will be able to get right back to sleep.

Take CBD

CBD is easy to add to your nighttime routine for good sleep and well being. A superior broad-spectrum CBD tincture for sleep will include additional beneficial ingredients like melatonin to aid in sleep as well as naturally relaxing ingredients like chamomile and valerian root extract.

Proper sleep is important to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. You will be surprised at how much the quality of your sleep can improve with just a few minor adjustments. If you are experiencing chronic fatigue, insomnia or any persistent sleep issues please consult with your doctor.

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