4 Signs That You Could Use a New Garage Door

Nothing lasts forever and that includes garage doors. While your door was great in the past, things have changed. In fact, it may be time for a new garage door. How can you tell? If any of these four signs are present, now is a great time to call a contractor and start looking at possible replacements.

The Door’s Damaged and Warped

The door has held up well over the years, but it’s easy to tell that a lot of wear and tear has taken place. The door is slightly warped from all the exposure to different types of weather. There are also quite a few dings along the surface.

It’s not just about the door’s appearance. The ravages of time have also led to the door being slightly out of alignment. While it does make sense to have an expert who knows
how to adjust overhead garage door take a look, the answer is likely to be that the door needs to be replaced.

It No Longer Fits in With the Rest of the Exterior

You’ve made some changes to the home’s exterior as well as the garage itself. While just about everything looks great, the garage door is an exception. What you need is one of the newer overhead doors that will blend in with the new look for your property.

You may not realize what a difference a door in a different style and colour could do for your property. It’s only after you see the door in place that you understand how out of place the older door looked. Best of all, the new door includes a few features that were not part of the old one.

You’d Like Better Security

The investment in some of the best residential electric gate openers was a great idea for the property. Now is the time to take things one step further and buy a new garage door that’s more secure. This is especially important if there’s any type of pass-through from the garage directly into the house.

That new door will serve as a powerful barrier between those who might want to gain entrance to the home. A more secure door also means that once you drive in during the night and close the door, it will be safer to get out of the car and go into the home. Paired with those new residential electric gate openers, you’ll feel a little more secure no matter where you happen to be on the property.

You’re Tired of the Noise

How much noise does the garage door make when you open and close it? If you hesitate to do so early in the morning or late at night, that’s a sign that something needs to be done. Do have a professional take a look and determine if the noise can be eliminated with a simple repair or some type of maintenance on the moving parts. If not, then it’d definitely time to invest in a new overhead garage door that will operate quietly.

There’s no reason to keep getting by with a garage door that isn’t in good condition or causes problems on a daily basis. Talk with a contractor today and arrange for a consultation. It won’t take long to select a new door that works perfectly and also adds to the overall curb appeal of the property.

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