4 Reasons Why Swimming is a Perfect Calorie-Burning Exercise

In search of lively ways to improve your workout regimen or just got jaded from your monotonous gym sessions? Then, how about diving into your private pool?

Swimming is not only a competitive individual sport but also a powerful calorie-burning exercise for people of different age groups. One can burn 1000 calories in just one hour.

Here, in this article, we’ve rounded up four interesting reasons to add swimming to your fitness routine, rather than limiting to special occasions like pool parties with family and friends.

#1. Calorie-Burning Exercise for Everyone

Just ask yourself, is there any sport you, your kids and your grandparents can enjoy all together?

Swimming is one activity that people of varying physical capabilities — and individuals of every body type, athleticism, gender — can learn together and have unlimited fun.

If you have a pool and your child is new to swimming, then it is imperative to install a pool enclosure or a pool cover so they do not attempt to dive into the pool when you are not around.

Further, having such pool products helps in maintaining water temperature and reduces the need for frequent cleaning.  It’s a long term investment in making your property safe and secure for your family.

#2.  Low-Impact Exercise

Popular exercises, such as running are hard on joints and most people, end up with sore muscles and fatigue at the end of the day. Although swimming burns calories fast, you won’t feel you are working out; it’s fun all the way.

Did you know, even the NASA astronauts are made to undergo swimming pool training as it stimulates the zero-gravity setting of the space? This shows how low-impact this activity is.

Swimming is an ideal form of exercise for people recovering from injuries, senior citizens, people with medical conditions such as arthritis or those vulnerable to joint problems.

#3. A Whole-Body Workout

You might enjoy leaping through the cold water as sun rays spilling on your face, but swimming is definitely a full-day workout that burns more calories than most fitness activities.

While you are joyfully skimming through pool water, you are plowing through calories and ultimately inching closer towards your weight loss goals.

An Ideal Calorie-Burning Swimming Routine Include:-

  • Step 1:

Start with warming up your body with 100m exertion.

  • Step 2:

Next is, swimming fast 50m for each stroke. You can either opt for butterfly, freestyle or breaststroke.

  • Step 3:

Rest for 30 seconds

  • Step 4:

Again swim fast, 100m for each stroke, and any style you are comfortable with.

  • Step 5:

Rest for 30 seconds

  • Step 6:

Lastly, cool down with a 100m exertion.

Calories Burned By Stroke

Calories burned while swimming depends upon a variety of factors. These include your body type, weight, and several other facets. It is also determined by how long you’ll be swimming and what kind of strokes as illustrated below through the table:

#4. A Fusion of Cardio & Strength Training

Swimming regularly over time improves our cardiovascular system, builds body endurance, and we learn to breathe more efficiently.

Often deemed as a recreational workout, swimming helps in toning every muscle in your body by burning more calories, and you push yourself hard through the chilly pool water.

In the End

Swimming is not only vital to building your physique and strengthening your muscles but improves mental health as well. Medical experts and studies believe swimming has depression-thwarting benefits since water is known to be a natural mood booster.

Water can induce a tranquil state in your mind, which soothes your everyday anxieties and stresses.

With so many benefits attached, you can surely consider swimming more than just a recreational activity.

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