4 Reasons Why Getting a Home Warranty Is A Wise Decision


A warranty plan is a must if you are looking to mitigate your expenses. And when it comes to your home, a warranty ensures that you spend less money and time worrying about your home repairs, replacement, security, and improvement. For a layman, a home warranty and insurance might seem like two similar things, but they are very different. As opposed to insurance policies that cover your home and its contents in case of a mishap, home warranty pays for fixing and replacing specific items in a home. So, a home warranty gives the owner a peace of mind that his broken appliances will be fixed or replaced in a fraction of what he would have to pay himself. Furthermore, here are the 4 reasons why everyone should get a home warranty.

Save Money

As discussed before, the foremost benefit of getting a home warranty plan is that you save a lot of money. Where paying $50-$60 might seem a lot of money upfront, it isn’t a lot when you compare it with the cost of repairing or replacing appliances on your own. Your home’s heating system, plumbing system, electrical system, kitchen items, etc. can give up on you anytime and the manufacturer’s warranty only lasts about a year. So, getting a home warranty for these items is a must.

Skilled Technicians at your disposal

Another great advantage of buying a home security plan is that you don’t have to wait for hours for a technician to show up. Home warranty companies have a network of certified technicians who are only a phone call away. The whole point of getting a warranty is to ensure that you don’t have to go through the ordeal of calling up a technician and begging him to come over. However, you must make sure that the company you are choosing is known for its good customer service.

No Hidden Fees

More often than not, technicians who work on their own trick people by having a lower upfront fee but charge them a lot for some hidden fee for their services. A lot of times technicians don’t include certain services in their package and charge you extra when they are done fixing your appliance. You don’t have any other option but to pay them. With a warranty, you don’t have to worry about any of this as everything comes within your plan.

Add Value to Your Home

A home warranty plan adds a great deal of value to your home. It is a great marketing tool and can attract a lot of potential buyers if you are looking to sell. Also, it would be much easier for you to make a decision when buying a house that has a warranty plan. You don’t have to take the word of the seller to fix the appliances as everything would be covered in the home warranty plan. Knowing that a faulty appliance won’t burn a hole in your pocket is a great thing and gives you the needed peace of mind.

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