4 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Beginners

Are you excited about Halloween? Have you already started creating your outfits and planning the perfect party? Here are 4 simple makeup looks that anyone can create using makeup products that should already be in your personal kit.


The age-old classic Halloween look, the skull/skeleton, is so easy and effective and can be achieved with just one product! All you really need is a black eyeliner pencil and a brush for blending. Start by mapping out your main shapes with the eyeliner pencil – the teeth, eye socket, cheekbones and the nose cavity, you may need to colour in certain areas to create the illusion of a hole. Once you have mapped out your lines you can use your brush to blend out any harsh lines and create some depth. If you wanted to go slightly further you could use a white eyeliner pencil to highlight certain areas like the teeth and to create more depth. Get creative and add some cracks around the eyes for a bit of extra spice!


Popular movies such as The Joker, The Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and It have given the clown makeup trope a revamp in the last few years! Whether you prefer a glam version or you want to stick to the traditional creepy clown, there is an option for everyone. All versions can be created using everyday makeup products. If you want to up your game, you might want to purchase some face paints (Blue, red, yellow, black & white are all you need to get started). If you are thinking of more of a glam version, an easy, simple option is some big overdrawn red lips and some spiked eyeliner above the eyebrow and under the eye. Pair it with some big dramatic lashes and big hair and you are good to go! For your more traditional Joker style, start with a white or pale base makeup all over your face, come in strong with some messy red lipstick to create that big, overdrawn smile, and if we want to stay true to the classic, some black eye makeup all over the eyelid and underneath the lower lashes. Top this look off with some green hairspray and you are set!


Dolls can be equally cute and creepy! They are also super easy to achieve. To create some big doll-like eyes we can use a white eyeliner under the lower lash line to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Line this with a black eyeliner underneath to give definition and add some lower lashes onto that newly created waterline. Top off with some big fluffy lashes on top to really make your eyes pop! Apply a pink blush to the apples of the cheeks to create a small circle. Add some freckles to the cheeks with either a brown eyeliner pencil or brown eyeshadow (whatever you have handy – brow products can be great for making faux freckles). Finish the look with a lipstick of your choice applied to just the centre of the lips to create those little doll shaped lips, and voila!


The Zombie is the classic Halloween staple. We can achieve a really easy version by creating some stitches on the face and body and adding a bit of fake blood! For the stitches, start with a red lip liner or lipstick and draw a line (in whatever shape you like) wherever you want your cut/cuts to be. Next, take a black eyeliner and draw crosses over the top of your “cut” to create your stitches. You can use the point of your black eyeliner to create a dot at the end of each stitch to make it look more 3 dimensional and as though the stitches are coming from your skin. You can also take a white eyeliner and add some highlights on your stitches to make them pop if you like. Next, you can mix up some fake blood using corn syrup, red food dye & cocoa powder. Mix to your desired amount and colour. If you want it to be a thicker consistency, try adding cornflour. You can then drip your blood so it looks like it is coming out of the cuts, from your mouth, your nose, your ears or even from your eyes!

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