4 Bike Storages That You Should Use In Your Garage


Our garage is where we place the storage boxes, tools, vehicles, and especially our bikes. With that said, a garage is an area that can become easily unorganized and cluttered. Those messy and disorganized items in the garage are also challenging to find if you want to use them, and there is also a possibility they might inflict damage if you don’t properly store them.

The smartest method in storing your bikes will always depend on different factors: the space in your garage, the bike type, the budget, and the type of weather in the area where you reside. With this guide, you will have ideas on what bike storage to use. So here’s a list of bike storages that you should use in your garage.

Wall-Mounted Bike Storage

The first garage bike storage option that people should consider using is the wall-mounted bike storage. Using wall-mounted storage for your bikes, including temporary and permanent, are the most frequently used option if people want to add more floor space in the garage in their house. The most standard type has storage hooks connected into the screws, wall stud, or wall plug directly into the ceiling beam or wooden wall post. The hooks should be deeper and extensive to suit well with the tires of your bike.

Ceiling/Overhead Bike Storage

Ceiling storage will allow you to double the floor space area in the house, especially if your garage, apartment, or condo is small. When you use this type of bike storage, there’s no need for hoists and lifts, but it won’t mean that the bikes are safe and won’t be in your way. Ceiling bike storage can also be an excellent design for your room and hang your bikes in a place where they’re unobtrusive.

This bike storage type is also the most popular storage method, especially in small living areas like condos and apartments. It can’t consume any floor spaces that you can still use for other essential items. To enjoy what a ceiling bike rack can offer, you need to ensure that you purchase sturdy, safe, and easy to install and use.

Bike Storage Shed

Many people don’t place their bikes in the storage shed. However, doing that might consume a lot of your time, and it will be harder to get your bike. A lof of these sheds is not waterproof; that’s why putting your bike there might expose it to damages. A bike storage shed is useful, but there are things that you need to consider carefully before using one.

Floor Bike Storage

If you have vast floor space, but you want something temporary, you might want to use a floor bike storage to keep the bike stable and upright without leaning them in the wall or against anything. However, using this type of bike storage will require more space in arranging the bikes. It’s also essential to consider the axle width, location of the disc brake caliper, and wheel size before purchasing one.


A garage is an important place because it keeps all the vehicles safe and secure from thieves and damages. If you have bikes, it would be smart to use bike storage not to consume any space in the garage for other essential items. Use this guide to know what you need and prefer to store your bikes.

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