4 Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones: Choose Your Fighter

Some people believe that you don’t need an antivirus on your smartphone; others say it is vital to protect the data. However, you should remember how often you use mobile banking, make Internet payments, and store a lot of confidential information. So, installing additional protection is not a bad idea.

Choosing a good security app for your device is not an easy thing, as there are dozens of them available in the market. We reviewed some popular products to help you to make the right choice. If you need more details, keep reading to know more about the best antivirus for Android smartphones and to protect your device from intruders.

Top 4 Android Antivirus Apps

Avast Mobile Security

We bet, everybody heard about this giant of the antivirus market. Avast is one of the most reliable antiviruses for Android devices in the world. The app regularly gets the highest awards by the independent AV-Tests lab.

Once installed, Avast keeps you safe from viruses and malware, adware add-ons, protects your confidential information, and your Internet payments. Besides, Avast will take full control over all your browsers and the pages you open, start filtering emails and SMS messages. It will remove and block scam emails and various ad spam.

Main features:

  • good antivirus base, high-security level;
  • Anti-Theft feature: if the SIM card is changed, the device will secretly intercept audio and photo of the thief;
  • a power-saving mode will protect from a fast battery drain;
  • secure photo and picture storage by PIN code or fingerprint;
  • cleaning the unnecessary and junk files;
  • Wi-Fi network scanner to check the security of the network you are using;
  • RAM cleaning and optimization.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Well, some of you might hear that Kaspersky was suspected it was spying for the Russian government. These accusations don’t have the real ground, so Kaspersky remains the security app that guarantees a serious level of protection and security for your mobile phone. Besides direct antivirus protection, the product protects your personal and confidential data. Also, it has a nice and well-thought-out intuitive interface — you will be able to use the app without any problem.

Main features:

  • real-time protection module scans your applications, downloaded files, messages for viruses, trojans, malware;
  • application block allows you to set a password to access your messages, email, personal photos, data, etc.;
  • lost or stolen phone search;
  • unwanted calls or phone numbers blacklist;
  • the web protection module scans all the pages you visit; if there are any threats, it will block the page and send a notification.

AVG Antivirus

Yes, AVG became the part of Avast; still, it develops its own antivirus products. AVG free antivirus and optimizer protects you against viruses, trojans, and other types of malware, including apps and add-ons. Moreover, there are additional functions to protect your data: photo storage, network security check, Wi-Fi control, blocking access to other applications.

Main features:

  • scanning and detecting threats in real-time — the product will scan apps, games, and files;
  • protection against malicious and phishing sites — they will be blocked to protect your device from being infected;
  • removing the tasks that have a bad impact on phone performance;
  • a power-saving mode will allow you to slightly increase the time your phone can work from the battery;
  • deleting unnecessary and garbage files to add more free space;
  • the ability to lock other applications with PIN code or fingerprint;
  • find your phone on Google maps — you will be able to locate the device even if it is stolen or lost;
  • photo storage: now no one can view your photos without your permission;
  • scanning and checking network security;
  • call blocking option — spam and scammers won’t bother you anymore.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is a free smartphone application that can provide a high level of security against viruses and malware, as well as criminals and thieves who can steal a phone. The application has special functions that will help to find a stolen device much easier.

Besides, as it has already become a standard for such applications, the program has a feature to optimize and clean the memory, as well as to improve the device performance. The feature makes sense for those whose smartphone is old and weak.

Main features:

  • free and very powerful antivirus which works in real-time checks the work of all applications, checks SD cards and external devices, flash drives, etc.;
  • incoming email, SMS messages, messaging apps scan;
  • web browsing security features: tracking browser operation, blocking dangerous sites, malicious pages in social networks, blocking links received from unreliable sources;
  • if you lose your device, just go to the special web portal and enter the email address you used during the registration to be able to track the location of your phone; also, the app will capture and record the thief’s conversations; the application also tracks your phone’s last location before its battery drains or it is turned off;
  • the ability to lock both individual applications and the entire phone; as a result, no one can read SMS or make a call without your permission;
  • the ability to back up data such as SMS, messages, contacts, photos, videos, apps, etc. to transfer them to another device;
  • black and white lists to block and filter the text messages and calls;
  • battery consumption optimization;
  • RAM cleaning and smartphone acceleration;
  • network control, traffic consumption, and a lot of other useful things.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of great security apps for Android. In the post, we reviewed just the most popular ones. Which app do you prefer for your smartphone?

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