3 Ways By Which You Can Take Away A Gel Manicure At Home

I know the first thought that would probably come to your mind is to rip and bite the nail polish off those nails. However, let me tell you that you ought to resist yourself from this idea as it is no good at all. I know you are incredibly eager to wear the party dress or your favourite outfit to the occasion today, and you have got no time to go to the beauty salon. That’s no harm, though! Some of the cute dinner date outfit ideas include faux leather shorts, midi skirt, crop top with jeans and heels, off-shoulder top and denim, a statement top with skinnies, peasant blouse, pencil pants with loafers or a midi skirt. In short, wear something that makes you look both feminine and chic. Use your German Manicure Sets to see some of the exclusive collections we own!

Some of the ways through which you can remove a gel manicure right at home are as follows:

· By dipping your fingers in acetone: Find a well-ventilated space that would help you do your task at ease so that you do not eat up all the acetone by yourself. This process would take around 30 minutes to be done, and you should obviously avoid doing it in a rush. Wrap your nails properly in the acetone and leave it for some time. Remove the foil once you are done. Apply a moisturizer or a hand cream as you have removed the nail polish.

· Filing off the nail polish: At first, trim your nails with a clipper and then use a coarse-grit file between 150 and 180 grit to get rid of the nail polish. File the nail surface in crosshatches. This may require a lot of time, though! Lastly, use a buffer to smooth the surface of your nails.

· Peeling off the nail gels: This will again take a lot of time, and you should think of applying this method only when the above 2 don’t work for you. Use a cuticle to peel off the nail polish. However, this can damage the surface of the nail too!

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