3 Tips That Can Help You Keep Pharaoh Ants Out

When it comes to keeping pests out of your home, Pharaoh ants can be really tricky to deal with. These ants are as tiny as 2mm and have a yellowish red color. They usually intrude your home in large numbers, and before you know it, tens of ants can turn into hundreds. That is because Pharaoh ants are divided into groups, and each group has a queen. When you attack one group, they disperse and create multiple groups with more ants. This process is called budding, and it could cause you more headaches. That is why you need to take necessary measures to keep these ants out of your house. If you want to know how to get rid of pharaoh ants completely and keep them out forever here are a few tips for you:

Seal All Entry Points of Your House Exterior

If your house is getting flooded with pharaoh ants, there is a good chance it is happening because of some space in your house exterior. These ants usually crawl through damaged spots or open spaces. So observe your house once properly and shut down all the opening. You can also find the entry point by spotting the area where the ants are in large numbers. Cover all the sensitive areas with glue guns and make sure all the windows are shutting properly. Also, make sure they have no openings form which ants can enter. Another place you need to cover is the gap between the pipes. Once your house is properly sealed you would not have to deal with pharaoh ants.

Hire a Pest Control Company

If you have had enough with these ants and want to get rid of them completely at any cost, you should consider hiring a pest control company. The pest killer sprays you will find in the superstore are good and can be effective for bigger insects, but it’s not as effective on pharaoh ants. They are too small and even if you manage to kill a good number of them, they will still be able to hide and will bring more ants later. With a pest control company, you will get a proper solution for your pest problems. Depending on your situation, the pest Control Company will carry out the process and will get you rid of the pharaoh ants for good. There are several pest control companies out here in Ontario, and you can choose from the one that offers you the best service in a good package.

Get Obstructed Gutters Fixed

You cannot keep pharaoh ants out if you are not taking proper care of your house. Obstructed gutters are also known for attracting pharaoh ants. The water keeps draining through your walls, and not only it makes your wall wet and weakens it but also creates a pool below which attracts pharaoh ants. Keeping your surroundings clean is the key to getting rid of these ants. The cleaner your house is, the fewer ants will enter your house. So you need to fix any broken gutters and also to clean them regularly.

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