3 Things to Invest in for Your Fitness Journey

Welcome to the 2023 year, for those that are holding themselves to a health goal or fitness resolution for this trip around the sun this article is going to discuss some things to invest in to go along with you on your life’s journey. There is going to be prototypical advice that will say to change your diet, increase your activity levels, and exercise regularly.

This piece is going to be geared more towards a different type of advice, helping to change the way you think about reaching your fitness goals. Here are three things to invest in for your fitness journey that can help you reach those New year’s resolution health goals.

Tennis Shoes

The most important aspect of an athlete is having healthy feet and legs. Investing in solid tennis shoes and insoles can provide an ergonomic advantage that can relieve aches and pains before they happen for the aging body, and provide the edge on the hardwood for the high school player.

For that head coach trying to create a bond with their players, consider using some of that school athletics budget to get the team a good pair of tennis shoes. This will not only give the players something to create as a part of the team, if customization is allowed, but also provide the players with a shoe that will provide support for the upcoming season.

Compression Wear

This may seem like a stretch, and it is in a way, but as fitness technology improves the leggings and sleeves will provide benefits seen and in the future. Bodily benefits include improved cardiovascular system flow along with different structural support options for the aging athlete on the joints, especially the knees and elbows.

It is common knowledge that as we age our body will develop aches and many of us have experienced an injury along the way, these compression wear products provide support along with mobility. There are also protype sleeves that will take bio-readings and transmit the results to a person’s smartphone, which could change the way that athletes train.


This will be another important thing to focus on when going for those health goals in the new year, this will be nutrition and providing the body with the calories needed to function at its best. This will mean changes to the calorie intake, potentially a routine of pre-workout hydration – in workout energy and hydration – and after workout recovery and muscle building drinks or supplements.

This can be as simple as improving the food eaten, or focusing on having at least one healthy meal a day; these simple healthy changes to the daily diet can be the difference maker. Some professional body builders have gone with eating additional meals to get the appropriate calorie intake needed for the intense workouts they subject their bodies to.

For those dedicated to making those health goals and fitness new years resolutions, these simple investments can make a massive difference in this year’s workouts.

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