3 Sneaky Ways To Find Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

It’s time to start looking for an engagement ring. You have researched and know what kind of ring you want on her finger when you get down on your knees. The only obstacle stopping you from buying the ring is that you don’t know what size she wears!

Perfecting the art of the surprising proposal will not be easy. The greatest threat to your judgment in determining the size of her ring finger. What’s worse than planning a perfect proposal with a diamond ring, only to realize that your partner will not be wearing the jewelry piece you gifted her.

Regardless of your preferred approach, we need you to feel comfortable walking into any jewelry store and purchasing the ring. Find out three sneaky methods you might employ to determine her ring size.

1. Hire Someone Close to Investigate or Ask Her

Hiring someone you know or trust is more straightforward than doing it alone. Your girlfriend may become suspicious when discussing the subject in everyday conversations. A friend inquiring about her ring size may not come as much of a surprise to her. She might not have any idea what the question’s intentions are.

You could also inquire about her ring size from a friend. Ask one of her friends who has recently been married or has a ring to let her try it on. Doing so will likely learn more about her preference than her ring size, favorite color, and style.

You can even persuade her girlfriends to go shopping at a jewelry store and spend time trying on different pieces. Request that one of her friends keep an eye on her. Note which sizes fit her and the types of rings that catch her eye. It is a guaranteed way to get her the perfect ring.

2. Try On One of Her Rings

Though it’s suitable for the cause, we don’t recommend going through her belongings without permission. It is only good if you find it in an open area, such as when she removes it while trying on a new one. Once you have the ring, you can either take the measurements yourself if you have the time or carefully trace it on a piece of paper before going to the jeweler. Just take account of which finger she wears the ring on.

3. Bring It Up in Conversation

With this approach, you must appear genuine, as if you have no intentions. You could make an excuse like your jeweler friend is conducting research on the most common ring sizes in women in order to attract more customers to his shop. You could also play a game that requires you to answer questions and then casually shoot your question.

Or perhaps you are attending a friend’s wedding. Mention how the ring drew your attention and that you were curious about how the groom determined the ring size. She might share her ring size while discussing her own views.

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