3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Scratching Post for Your Cat

We all love cats. Well, not everyone is a cat person, true. But, for a cat lover, it’s inconceivable to think about someone not loving our furry companions. After all, they’ve given us joy, companionship, and so many funny memories that will stay in our hearts forever.

But, if there’s one thing no one can get behind, it’s when they start going wild on furniture, sneakers, home appliances, or anything in sight. When they start developing a love for scratching and clawing, that spells trouble for anything that’s nailed and not nailed down. And that means a few more grey heads on your head, after a while.

Trust us, there’s nothing quite like coming home after a hard day of work, trusting your cat to be doing its cute little routine — you know, sleeping in a drawer, hanging out with other neighborhood cats, waiting on the window sill — and finding a mess. We’re talking curtains in tatters, your favorite shoes a clawed mess, parts of the rug lying around, and your favorite sweater looking like it was attacked by Freddy Kruger. No, that simply will not do.

So, what’s the discerning cat owner to do when it comes to getting ahead of the issue before they get a coronary? Well, the solution requires starting early, ideally, but it doesn’t involve invasive heart surgery.

If you’ve got an unruly feline on your hands, you need a scratching post! Yes, we hear you sighing and wondering “Really? Is that all it takes?” And yes, amazingly! Even older cats can benefit from a little scratching post training. Not all is lost, trust us!

What’s a Scratching Post, Then!?

This could potentially be one of those rough awakenings for you. You know, one of those “have I been living under a rock?!” moments. After all, if you haven’t been exposed to the highest-order cat training technology the world has to offer, this may come as a surprise.

A scratching post is a wooden post, usually covered in rough or coarse material that your kitty can take its clawing urges out on. That’s it. Not very mysterious, right? True, but that doesn’t mean it’s of less importance to get your cat trained to use it. After all, a smart purchase means that you can make a very small investment right now, and save yourself a ton of grief and money in property damages.

If you’re like us, then you’ve seen what a disgruntled kitty can do if they’re not properly trained.

It’s Not Only To Save You Grief

That’s right! There are other benefits to having a scratching post around. For one, a lot of dirt and old materials get stuck in your kitty’s claws while it’s out and about. And, you primarily want them to have their claws and paws clean because they could possibly get diseases, and worse, spread them around!

And it’s not just about proper health and hygiene, either. Scratching is a natural urge for cats. It’s a way that keeps them involved and focused. They just can’t repress it (and shouldn’t have to) so by setting up a place where scratching is permitted, you allow an outlet for your cat’s totally normal behavior. Only, it’s not destructive there, so it’s a win/win for everyone involved!

Giving your cat somewhere to scratch keeps them happy, and makes you a loving kitty parent.

It’s not Just About Their Mental Health

Scratching is natural, and it’s good for your cat. But keeping their minds focused and in tip-top shape is just a small part of the equation. There are also many physical health benefits for your cat that it’s hard to keep track of everything. But, let’s enumerate:

  1. Claw health is paramount for your cat. They’re not only for hunting, but also to move around, climb, and hang on to surfaces. Your cat’s completely defenseless without its claws. It can’t hunt, and it can’t navigate the world properly if they’re not sharp and ready to rock.
  2. Flexibility is also very important for your cat. It may look like they’re naturally supple, but they’re also constantly stretching. There’s no better yoga teacher than a cat, for sure, but there are also lazy cats that need a little bit of kickstarting to get going. And a stretch post can help with that because it gives them a chance to stretch their backs while clawing. And that keeps them in shape
  3. It’s also a way for your cat to exercise, de-stress, and burn calories. Much like a punching bag or a speed bag for humans, it’s a way for them to burn calories and work out. They’re practically compelled to do it too, so they’ll love it!

In Sum

So, are you ready to help your cat find its way to health and fulfillment (and much less stressful experience for you)? Then head on over to Happy Pet Post and check out some actual quality poles to change your cat’s life for the better!

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