3 Reasons to Think Twice Before Cutting Your Cable TV Cord

Referring to officially ending your ties to a cable TV service provider, cutting the cord has been a popular trend for several years now. Granted, there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to save some money and find what you need or prefer from other sources. But before you say goodbye to cable TV for good, take a moment to consider three possible reasons why you may want to keep your access to cable television. You can learn about the TV connection and the latest technologies being used for this purpose, on this website: www.metatix.com

1. Live Sports

Sure, you can always catch highlights from whatever “the big game” is for any particular night or weekend. However, as any true sports fan will tell you, it’s not the same thing as actually being fully invested in the thrills that go along with watching everything unfold in real-time on cable TV service.

If you’re only an occasional sports watcher, you may be able to make do with going to a sports bar or over a buddy’s house to catch a really big event, like the Super Bowl. But if you’re an avid sports enthusiast, you may want to think twice about cutting your cable TV cord. This is especially true if you have a sports package based on your preferences as part of your current arrangement.

2. A Big Selection of On-Demand and Pay-Per-View Options

Some people only have a passing interest in a few new movies here and there. Others are perfectly content with whatever’s available at any given moment on popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. However, if you really crave selection when it comes to movies and access to popular events like MMA or boxing matches, you may want to hold off on cutting the cable TV cord.

Many cable providers today give subscribers access to thousands of on-demand titles. What’s more, these selections are accessible to watch at any time, and updates are often made more often than what’s typical with popular streaming services. Plus, you may reach a point where you find selections on your preferred streaming sources limited based on your tastes.

Then there’s the pay-per-view perks. PPV often offers viewing possibilities that include:

• New movies
• Popular “one time only” sporting events such as high-profile boxing or MMA match-ups
• Pageants only available on PPV

3. Not Having to Deal with Potential Internet Headaches

Before you cancel your cable TV ties, think about the potential drawbacks of solely relying on internet-connected devices for your viewing options. The main one is the possibility of internet speed delays during busier times of the day. You may also have issues with getting a strong connection when the weather is bad. With streaming online, there may also be buffering issues that make the viewing process frustrating.

Some Other Things to Consider Before Cutting the Cord

There are some other important things to consider before you decide if cutting the cord is right for you. For starters, what kind of cable TV deal do you currently have?

Let’s say, for instance, you have a bundled package that includes cable TV with channels matching your preferences, internet and phone service. It will likely be cheaper to keep what you already have in place in this case. If you cut the cord, you would have to either find new providers for phone and internet services or see if your cable company offers these services separately. Even internet only plans may be a bit more expensive when compared to what you’re paying for and getting with bundled services. Additionally, it’s a good idea to also consider the following factors before cutting your cable TV cord:

• Can you find your favorite cable TV programs or channels elsewhere?

• Are you an avid channel-flipper? If so, you may prefer to stick with cable TV since there’s often more variety from one easily accessible source.

• How much will you end up paying for internet alone plus any streaming services you may need to sign up for to gain more access to content?

Lastly, talk to your cable provider if your main reason for considering cutting the cord is because you want to save money. Many providers are willing to negotiate to some extent whenever possible to keep customers happy, especially longer-term ones.

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