3 Pro Tips To Decorate Your Event In San Francisco

For most people, event planning is either something deceptively simple or a very overwhelming project they can’t trust themselves with. In both these cases, the problem isn’t the planning itself but that people don’t really know what to do. Once you start to learn how to plan an event, things start to seem a bit more doable.

A few things about party planning need to always be on the forefront of your mind throughout the whole process, including the fact that you’re supposed to create an unforgettable experience for the people who attend. This is to say that your duties go way beyond making a venue look pretty and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Keep reading to find out about how you can create that unforgettable experience with the help of these tips.

Be Smart About Lighting

Your lighting will have a very big effect on the ambiance and the experience of the event as a whole. If it’s something serious and classy, go for classic lighting, but make sure it’s social media and photography friendly. On the other hand, you can experiment with fairy lights and some colors too.

If the event is a bit more fun, you can knock yourself out with colorful lighting highlighting the entrance, projectors showing characters and words moving along the walls, creative spotlights, and so much more.

Keep in mind though that while you can get creative, you don’t need to overdo it or get so chaotic that the attendees are overwhelmed.

Keep Social Media in Mind

When designing the decor and figuring out the lighting, keep in mind that most of the people in attendance will want to post about the event on social media. As someone who might benefit from the free publicity it would get your business, you don’t just need to make sure the event is Instagram-worthy.

If possible, you also need to try to make sure your decor provides ample opportunities for people to take photos of themselves. This might include a wall of roses or full-length posters on the walls that are put there solely to provide a good background to the people in attendance.

It also includes making sure that the decor doesn’t actually come in the way of any photo ops. If you’re using flower vases as centerpieces on dining tables, make sure the arrangements aren’t so high as to obstruct any group photos.

Use Fabrics

Fabrics and drapes can add depth of color and texture to any decor, which is why you might want to use them more for any venue that isn’t too big.

Using the right fabrics and patterns on the floor, ceiling, tabletops, and even the chairs can add a lot of personality to your event. When picking patterns, vary the sizes of the patterns as well as the style to get a better effect. If you don’t vary the size, all the patterns will blend in together and not have the effect you wanted.

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